Game Jolt Gas

At Game Jolt, we are always working on better ways to help gamers find and play the games they want to play. You may be aware that we've been beta testing Game Jolt Next, the new and improved incarnation of the site.

That was just the beginning.

Today, we are proud to announce the next step in the evolution of Game Jolt, and in indie gaming in general.

"We've been itching to share this for a while now and we just can't keep it bottled up anymore."

- Game Jolt founder
David "CROS" DeCarmine


Game Jolt Gas is a revolutionary new gaming client and the last one you'll ever need to install. In human history, people used to rely on steam-powered engines to mobilize and connect the world, but society progressed beyond that. Renewable energy may be in the intangible future, and some say that electricity is here to stay, but Gas is NOW.


Installation headaches are a thing of the past. Gas allows you to download and install games with a single click, gesture, or voice command. You can play browser-based games right in the client, without even opening a browser. Setting up online multiplayer games is a breeze.


Gas is the ultimate social gaming platform. Chat with your friends and see what they're playing by using the in-game Gas:Grill overlay. Leave them messages which they can read on or offline.

Game Sharing

Recommend and share games directly by using a feature we call Pass the Gas. Compatible multiplayer games will allow you to barge into your friends' sessions if they have enabled Gas:Attacks. You can even be silent but deadly by activating incognito mode.


We have completely rebuilt the Game API into what we're confidently calling the best API ever: the Gas:Cloud. We've made it easier than ever before for games to use trophies, score tables, and data storage to engage gamers. Gamers can track their progress in the client and compare their achievements with friends. All of a game's data and individual player data can be stored in the Gas:Cloud.

When's the Big Release?

Expect to see the initial release of Gas, which we're internally referring to as the Great Gas Release, later this year. After that, we'll push out a steady stream of Gas updates.

Are You Ready for Gas?

On game pages, you'll now see an icon indicating whether a game supports Gas. If you're a developer, keep an eye out for news on how to get your games Gas compatible. Look for the Gas icon: Gas Compatible

The Future of Gas

We are already working on expanding Game Jolt Gas.

Here's even more stuff to get excited about!

Game Beta Testing

Developers need an easy way to distribute early builds of their games to testers. The Gas:Drill feature will allow devs to define a limited group, send them builds, and collect feedback.

Importing and Trading

The Pass the Gas feature will be expanded to let you import commercial games into Gas. You can then back them up in the Gas:Cloud and even trade them with your friends.

Asset Market

There's a healthy market for game assets out there and we're going to revel in it. You can sell assets, such as graphics, music, and plugins, on the Gas:Exchange. You can publicize and track your sales using do() (pronounced "Do Do").

Selling on the Gas:Exchange is free until you make a sale. Then, you pay us a percentage of your sales--but you set your own percentage! With our Pay-What-We-Want system, your cut starts at 10% but can be adjusted with a simple slider. It's up to you! You decide whether or not this sinks us. You can choose to receive a monthly or yearly Gas:Bill for these fees.

Premium Content

Developers will soon be encouraged to include premium content in their games. This content will only be accessible by members of the new Game Jolt Hi-Octane Super Premium program. Membership is purchased by spending money or EXP on a season Gas:Pass. Gamers can also purchase Beanz, our new virtual currency, to spend on items and upgrades in-game.


The basic framework for Gas has already evolved into what is essentially a new operating system. So we're building it out into one, to be called Gas:OS. This will power the first generation of Gas Machines, and perhaps the next generation of all gaming consoles.

New Programming Language

In order to achieve all of our development goals with Gas, we found it necessary to create a revolutionary new programming language. After realizing how powerful and versatile it was, we have decided to release it to the public. You can use it to create gas extensions or to make your own games. Inspired by Jonathan Blow's ideas on programming languages for games, we have named it Blow Gas.

Gesture Control +

Gas:Fume lets you use the camera and microphone on your computer or device to enable advanced touchless motion controls for the client and any games that support Fume. Fume also comes with breathalyzer and olfactory sensor support.


We all tend to sit while playing games. New technology is trying to get us to stand and flail our arms around, but why change the way people have gamed for centuries? People like to sit.

The Gas:Controller is an external, cushioned pad that allows you to control the client and any supported games simply by shifting your weight around on it. Want to scroll to the left? Lean to the left! Want to refresh? Wiggle your bottom! Controller support will be directly integrated with Gas and with Fume to provide the next level in ergonomic analog control.

But, wait! That's not all...


Actual Reality
Gas Machines

Immerse yourself fully in any game with the next generation of virtual reality technology. It's so far past virtual reality, in fact, that we call it Actual Reality (AR).

  • The Gas Machine is a console, powered by Gas:OS, that you can use to find and play games on your television—and beyond.
  • Gas Machines have built-in Fume and Gas:Controller support, so you can stay seated with empty hands and still have ultimate control.
  • By also wearing a Gas:AR-compatible headset, you can experience the full intensity of a reality more real than what today's technology has heretofore been unable (or unwilling) to allow.
  • Actual Reality is the only Reality platform that will allow you to penetrate the veil and see beyond the Matrix to finally experience reality that's literally more real than the illusion of what we call real life.

This is the first time we're revealing actual photos of AR in-use. Get the exclusive first look at this technology.

Note that the headsets you see below are using our in-house prototype (which we printed on a 3D printer and powered with an Arduino).

Game Jolt Gas Mask Prototype 1 Game Jolt Gas Mask Prototype 2

The kicker? These are actual people using Gas:AR and were actually rendered through the Game Jolt Gas:AR platform. Can you tell the difference between Reality? We can't.

Stay Tuned!

We'll be announcing the date of The Great Gas Release soon!