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I'm a dreamer :'-))))

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  • Collapse, Collide - A short experimental Adventure
    2 years ago

    I don't know why I'm writing this in english. It's actually something i'm not good at. Anyway, the game is good. It's actually great if we consider that it was made in 4 days. I love the graphics, and the idea behind the game. The game wasn't too difficult, and I even played the normal version. The only things i complain about are the bugs. Especially in the part where you have to go fast 'cause the lava is rising. [I need to write these things more often, so I can realize how much my english sucks] Anyway, the game i liked the game. Don't mind people that say that this game is bad, and don't mind my opinion either. Just keep creating what you feel <3 Man, I should really read this thing again and- Oh, never mind, I'll just say that i made all those errors on purpose :-)

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