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Passionated, perseverant, love hand-drawings graphics and highly cigarettes dependant while coding.

Always looking for inspired works or crazy stuff. Just love to play games that have some kind of "real soul". When everything wraps up nicely, i'm in love with it !

So, that's the way I try to do my own games.

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  • myformerselves
    myformerselves said 1 year ago

    Thank you for the pluses. It's great to know you're enjoying the experience. To answer your question; the 'drolleries' mutate upon being fed an item. Their mutation produces an accessory capable of being worn. The properties of these accessories are not easily decipherable and are more akin to good luck charms. The drollery cannot be harmed or regress---it merely changes---like your inner self might overtime.

  • AbstrAKT Games
    AbstrAKT Games said 2 years ago

    Thank you for your feedback on "Protein Pirates!". We responded to your comment with some information.

  • indiegamehunt
    indiegamehunt said 2 years ago

    Hey, we are featuring your game Evidence on the front page! We're going to be featuring overlooked older games from time to time. And we want to give you more attention for your upcoming game :) By the way, now that the download is up on GameJolt, you can delete the note about Dropbox.

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