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  • Will You Ever Return? 2
    2 years ago

    this was wonderful! i liked the loose structure to it and the way it seemed to incorporate all of the things you were into while making it. the graphics and animations were beautiful too. scrappy and funny but also pretty creepy at parts, i especially liked the part where you and the crowd of newly dead (?) lumber after the cat through the strange devil corridor. thanks for making!!

  • Sphere
    3 years ago

    Hey, this looks really good but for some reason it won't work on my computer. I'm on a Windows Vista laptop and as soon as I run it I get a message saying the program has closed. The same thing happens when I try to run it on Quickplay. Any ideas?

  • Space Funeral
    4 years ago

    Whoa thanks!! I was uh heavily "inspired by" (read: ripped off) Demon Planet and your other comics. The Blood DOg enemy in particular was taken directly from them I think so sorry about that :( but there's also Fletcher Hanks and Gary Panter and Peanuts things in there and basically everything else I was listening to/reading at the time so I guess you are at least in GOOD COMPANE if this helps. I was definitely trying to give a buckshot effect of a bunch of stuff i liked!

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  • stephengillmurphy
    stephengillmurphy said 5 months ago

    i'm confused?

  • Liv H.
    Liv H. said 7 months ago

    Always been a big fan of your work! I'd love to see more games soon

  • AmmoOffee
    AmmoOffee said 7 months ago

    Hey, just wondering if you would like any music for any upcoming games? I make experimental/electronica/hiphop/techno. Contact me at If interested check out my music @ . No charge of course.

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