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  • Overall Rating

    5 (2 ratings)


    by tembac
    Profile Views: 195
    Downloads/Plays: 65
    Comments: 0
  • Overall Rating

    3 (3 ratings)

    Intimate Stories

    by tembac
    Profile Views: 2,080
    Downloads/Plays: 428
    Comments: 1
  • Overall Rating

    4.3 (13 ratings)

    Row, Fuck!!! LD 17

    by tembac
    Profile Views: 9,075
    Downloads/Plays: 1,851
    Comments: 5
  • Overall Rating

    4.4 (15 ratings)

    El Beso

    by tembac
    Profile Views: 6,566
    Downloads/Plays: 2,272
    Comments: 7
  • Overall Rating

    4.5 (18 ratings)

    Wake Tembac up

    by tembac
    Profile Views: 2,758
    Downloads/Plays: 835
    Comments: 7
  • Overall Rating

    4.2 (6 ratings)

    Poligamic Pacman

    by tembac
    Profile Views: 1,960
    Downloads/Plays: 1,448
    Comments: 1
  • Overall Rating

    3.9 (17 ratings)

    2 Minutes rpg

    by tembac
    Profile Views: 4,084
    Downloads/Plays: 1,037
    Comments: 7

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  • Head Candy
    3 years ago

    I loved the music!

  • UFO on TAPE
    4 years ago

    jejeje, I like the use of "real" footage.

  • Eternally Us
    4 years ago

    Beatiful game! Congratulations! the bird feeding part needs polishing. I think is very hard for the begining of the game.

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  • StuStutheBloo
    StuStutheBloo said 1 year ago

    Hey, thanks for the rating on StF! I really appreciate it. Im glad you enjoyed it!

  • Retsamuga
    Retsamuga said 1 year ago

    estoy en duval,de hecho publique algunos de mis juegos ai jaja. Es bueno saber q ai una escena de juegos indie en Argentina q existe, solo q ai q darle un empujon

  • Retsamuga
    Retsamuga said 1 year ago

    TEMBAC! yo soy otro desarrollador Argentino, llamado de casualidad Agustin Perez Burgos XD, tus juegos se ven bastante interesantes, es bueno saber q uno no es el unico desarrollador de la Argentina XD

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