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Experimenter and fiddler-with of software constructs. Currently focusing on Adventure Game Studio as a medium (but by no means letting that restrict me to adventure games!).

In an ideal world, I'd like to be able to make something profitable. Then again, the houses would also be all made of chocolate in my ideal world too, so I'm sure there are plenty of people who'd stand in the way of both of those goals.

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    LEMONS said 1 year ago

    Hello there, i've finished the first techno babylon. and i finished that really fast and easily. and now im on the 2nd installment. and i cant get past the apartment with the dismembered body and the robot down stairs. i cant get past the terminal. and i think the bug is still there. is there any way you could help me? thanks for your time. -Lemons

  • Visor
    Visor said 2 years ago

    Hey there! I wrote a review for Technobabylon - Part I, as part of Issue #20 of the upcoming indie(magazine); Here's the website if you're interested in checking it out: It will be released on the 25th of November.

  • gamerguy
    gamerguy said 4 years ago

    never mind, i think its one minor bug, but i finished it, so i'm sorry

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