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My name's Harry, I make games and bad decisions

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    4.1 (35 ratings)


    by Swofl
    Profile Views: 11,905
    Downloads/Plays: 2,855
    Comments: 27
  • Overall Rating

    4.4 (110 ratings)


    by Swofl
    Profile Views: 25,696
    Downloads/Plays: 10,749
    Comments: 89
  • Overall Rating

    4.2 (13 ratings)

    Rorschach 16

    by Swofl
    Profile Views: 2,502
    Downloads/Plays: 521
    Comments: 9
  • Overall Rating

    4.4 (25 ratings)

    Super Product Line

    by Swofl
    Profile Views: 10,211
    Downloads/Plays: 2,814
    Comments: 18
  • Overall Rating

    4.4 (33 ratings)

    The Legacy

    by Swofl
    Profile Views: 12,928
    Downloads/Plays: 3,675
    Comments: 23
  • Overall Rating

    4.4 (164 ratings)


    by Swofl
    Profile Views: 85,177
    Downloads/Plays: 33,973
    Comments: 126
  • Overall Rating

    4 (22 ratings)


    by Swofl
    Profile Views: 4,078
    Downloads/Plays: 1,059
    Comments: 15

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  • Lasting
    1 month ago

    You need to crouch to pick them up if they're on the floor. Sorry, this game is old

  • Tale of the ~Tildebeest
    1 month ago

    "Text-based" haha, nice. This is very pretty and surreal, it reminds me of the black velvet level in Psychonauts. The enemies were brilliant too. I hope you try and take it further

  • Inox
    3 months ago

    Figuring out how to play was kind of supposed to be the puzzle. Pressing C at the computer is supposed to be making the connection that if you can switch to robots, you can switch to the computer. I totally understand where you're coming from though, and it probably was too difficult, but I just wanted to try something different. To address your points:

    1. I wanted using the shocking robot on the computer to make the Captain's face appear. He's hidden in the game quite a lot.
    2. Good idea, I agree with this
    3. Invisible walls, what can I say Thanks for your comment, it's all good stuff. And I'm sorry it crashed, I've been trying to work out why that happens

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  • Chromium Studios
    Chromium Studios said 5 months ago

    OK, I have a few questions. I use a different type of first-person view code then you apparently, and my room is much larger with more objects. I am considering exporting all of my objects into your view style and then copying their draw code in, but to do that I would need to import some sort of mouse look as well as A-D for left-right functions. Do you mind explaining how you did these things? If interested, here's my in-progress game link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hd19j1u4mbx3e0w/ShroomsFPS.gm81?dl=0

  • Chromium Studios
    Chromium Studios said 5 months ago

    Hello, I am a huge fan of yours, and also a 3D Gamemaker developer. However, I have no idea how to simulate low resolution in 3D games. Do you mind releasing a source (or even a tutorial) on low-resolution 3D Gamemaker games?

  • Scythegeist
    Scythegeist said 5 months ago

    then make a good decision

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