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A teenaged homeschooled game developing Christian guy from the USA. (Not actually an undercover canine. Sorry to disappoint!)

I've developed 20 games and counting! In addition to making games, I also teach hands-on labs for video game development at my local library and at my homeschool co-op. I intend to pursue a career as a professional game developer.

Hope you enjoy my games! :)

Email: spydog [at] suntimeproductions [dot] com

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    4.3 (3 ratings)

    what the hack

    by Spydog
    Profile Views: 190
    Downloads/Plays: 79
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  • Overall Rating

    3.3 (3 ratings)

    How Many Beavers Does It Take To Change A Lightbulb?

    by Spydog
    Profile Views: 169
    Downloads/Plays: 33
    Comments: 4
  • Overall Rating

    4.7 (6 ratings)

    Super Chin Up

    by Spydog
    Profile Views: 736
    Downloads/Plays: 76
    Comments: 6
  • Overall Rating

    4 (3 ratings)

    Locomotive On Legs

    by Spydog
    Profile Views: 561
    Downloads/Plays: 120
    Comments: 3
  • Overall Rating

    4.5 (50 ratings)


    by Spydog
    Profile Views: 3,819
    Downloads/Plays: 1,842
    Comments: 27
  • Overall Rating

    4 (5 ratings)

    Super Spaceship Escape

    by Spydog
    Profile Views: 896
    Downloads/Plays: 326
    Comments: 4
  • Overall Rating

    4 (4 ratings)

    I Dub Thee Able

    by Spydog
    Profile Views: 780
    Downloads/Plays: 332
    Comments: 4
  • Overall Rating

    4.6 (9 ratings)

    Boom Chk Chk Bang!

    by Spydog
    Profile Views: 2,041
    Downloads/Plays: 711
    Comments: 5
  • Overall Rating

    4 (18 ratings)


    by Spydog
    Profile Views: 2,479
    Downloads/Plays: 1,456
    Comments: 9
  • Overall Rating

    4.5 (19 ratings)


    by Spydog
    Profile Views: 3,851
    Downloads/Plays: 859
    Comments: 11
  • Overall Rating

    4.5 (11 ratings)

    Circle Rider

    by Spydog
    Profile Views: 2,061
    Downloads/Plays: 535
    Comments: 7
  • Overall Rating

    4 (4 ratings)


    by Spydog
    Profile Views: 835
    Downloads/Plays: 357
    Comments: 2
  • Overall Rating

    4.2 (18 ratings)


    by Spydog
    Profile Views: 2,918
    Downloads/Plays: 696
    Comments: 12
  • Overall Rating

    3.3 (3 ratings)


    by Spydog
    Profile Views: 1,108
    Downloads/Plays: 471
    Comments: 4
  • Overall Rating

    3.8 (17 ratings)


    by Spydog
    Profile Views: 2,046
    Downloads/Plays: 365
    Comments: 11
  • Overall Rating

    3.6 (7 ratings)


    by Spydog
    Profile Views: 1,288
    Downloads/Plays: 518
    Comments: 8
  • Overall Rating

    3.7 (6 ratings)


    by Spydog
    Profile Views: 928
    Downloads/Plays: 369
    Comments: 1

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  • Maximus Cerebrum
    1 day ago

    I've only played through it once, so there's more for me to see, but here are my initial thoughts. There are several elements I really liked. The lite puzzles were really enjoyable. They provided just enough challenge to make me feel clever for having solved them while never driving me to frustration. They left me wanting more! I was expecting some more large-scale, meaty puzzle to come later in the game but it never came. (Or maybe I just missed it in my playthrough.) There were several moments near the end of the game that were truly impressive. It really did feel like the building was falling apart around me. The room that blows you back into the previous room along with a bunch of rubble (and then, upon entering a second time, had completely crumbled) was particularly great. It reminded me of the feeling I had when playing Metroid Prime 3's opening sequence. Very well done. It's great to have standout "moments". That said, the moments of room destruction/reconstruction and puzzles were most of what I enjoyed about the game. I found the exploration aspect dull. I wish the majority of the time was spent puzzle-solving instead of just walking and jumping around. The powerups just boosted my jump height and didn't provide me with any other tools to change my environment. (Or maybe I missed them.) I did appreciate the lack of forced backtracking, one of my pet peeves with Metroidvanias. The aesthetic was fine but not especially conducive to fun exploration. There were several background elements I thought I could interact with by stepping on or something, but it was disappointing when they didn't react to my actions. Also, the Omnidroid boss (or whatever you call it!) was really confusing at first. It took me about 5-6 deaths to figure out how to beat it. And the curious thing was that at first I attempted the correct strategy but I failed to notice the subtle difference in cracks on the charging stations, so I thought I had the wrong idea. If that was more noticeable, I think it'd be more fun. Once I figured out the solution, I did really enjoy the fight. It was a cool design and well-animated, and the sliding move threw a nice surprise into the mix! So overall, I like the game. It has great "moments" to counterbalance the occasional monotony of exploration, and we'll see what happens on future playthroughs. :)

  • Howmonica
    3 weeks ago

    Thanks! :)

  • what the hack
    1 month ago

    Thanks! I plan to change the color of the adjustment arrows to green and red to clarify their effect. I might experiment with some sliders too.

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  • Jupiter Hadley
    Jupiter Hadley said 3 months ago

    Ill give it a look :)

  • iamscissors
    iamscissors said 6 months ago

    Yea, it is kind of our "soft" release of the full game. Thanks for pointing out those things. I wrote a full response to your comment on the game page.

  • iamscissors
    iamscissors said 6 months ago

    Hey Spydog, Thanks for the review of elette! Just out of curiosity, did you play the alpha or the full game?

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