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I make games in AS3, but most things I created so far are made in Game Maker, for wichI developed some kind of hate. This little problem I have started when I was 13 and googled "Game Maker" at a cybercafé.


Why God, why! Look what I became!

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  • Retsamuga
    Retsamuga said 1 year ago

    si jaja, estoy en duval. Seria genial ir a una game work jam, pero vivo en mendoza :o .

  • Retsamuga
    Retsamuga said 1 year ago

    soyyo te acordas del usuario agumaster en yoyogames? Bueno ese ahora soy yo. Vos jugaste a muchos de mis juegos y le hiciste review, juegos que ya BORRE por ser totalmente horribles jaja

  • -Xanphion-
    -Xanphion- said 4 years ago

    where is you from?

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