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I are many. I are strong. I are Society.
...And I'm not part of GJ communty...

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    by Society
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    Flow: God is dead

    by Society
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    by Society
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  • [D]-Jongg
    1 year ago

    It is probably due to bundled DX loader, which was pretty useless anyways due to Xors3D' official site discontinuation. Sorry for late reply, btw.

  • Flow: God is dead
    2 years ago

    Already experiencing same problem myself. While there are no "proper" solution (due to lack of clues), enabling compatibility mode with Windows 98 helps. Try it and report results, please.

  • Flow: God is dead
    3 years ago

    Ahem... Still trying to provoke someone into rating your load of crap ? Have to disappoint you: wrong recipient here.

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  • theghost
    theghost said 5 years ago

    С возвращением!

  • KniteBlargh
    KniteBlargh said 5 years ago

    Okay, I thought about what you said, but I also gave you a warning that I didn't agree with you encouraging your friends to come here and downrate. You've pretty much proved all of what you said before wrong by getting your friends to downrate anyone who gave a rating lower than 5/5. Your games might actually be good, but you shouldn't make people feel like they can't give an honest opinion. When there are problems with low ratings, it would be better to let a MOD know so that it can be properly investigated without doing the same thing back to the downrater. I see Jack Brockley has downrated your game, but this is the first time he has done so, and he shall receive a warning from me just as you did. This account has now been banned due to violation of the terms of use agreement.

  • KniteBlargh
    KniteBlargh said 5 years ago

    I apologize for my mistake, for that I am sorry. I will say however that I do not feel what is being done to MelonYoshi is fair considering the fact that he gave [D]-Jongg a 3/5, which is still considered an acceptable rating to many (2 or 1 would definitely be a poor rating), plus he gave feedback that he obviously felt would be helpful. I would appreciate it if you could help your friends to reconsider their rather harsh actions.

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