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Me, a gamer, IT student, a person who just love gaming and now making game. ^_^ Loading... to become a professional .


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  • UnderGun
    1 week ago

    ..ugwa yan na prompt na GAME OVER..xD

  • UnderGun
    2 weeks ago

    ..yes, but the game still crashes with the P-G levels so there's still a lot of work to be done. I'm working hard on it but not sure to include about it on the next update since now im focusing on the Items and the Skill Slots to bring more excitement on the game :)

  • Primal Sands
    3 weeks ago

    ..hey, what an awesome game, the graphics is more like teleglitch..:3 i like the story, this game needs to be featured ! 5/5

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  • CyberHelix
    CyberHelix said 2 months ago

    Right, sorry it took some time to make, I've finished the video for Crowded Place: I'd love to do some videos on your other games, by the way! Crowded Place was a tad small and you've got a rather nice library.

  • CyberHelix
    CyberHelix said 2 months ago

    Hello, I wanted to ask if I could have your consent to make a video of Crowded Place. Thank you ahead of time.

  • ObsidianSkin
    ObsidianSkin said 4 months ago

    Hey. I was wondering if I could feature your game, Party Run, on my blog. Thanks.

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