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I'm the resident Thor, I guess.

No, I will NOT ban the guy who just left a negative comment on a FNAF game for you. No, he's NOT a troll for sharing his dislike of FNAF. Grow up and learn to handle negative criticism.

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  • Freaky Science
    1 week ago

    ness you know you can post a new comment, right? you don't have to post a reply in order to comment.

    Each character has (mostly) unique move speed, hit points, and starting item, so it helps to determine which character is better suited to which environment. Example: most of them have to find the Jelly Babies before they can command Ammut, but Mikaela starts with them by default, so she can make a bee-line straight for him. Another example: on the Cachtice Castle level, Gabe can entirely skip the quest for the silver stake since he starts with one already.

  • Fazbear Fright: Reopening
    1 week ago

    ALL of you grow up and shut up before I start suspending accounts. Kids like you make this site feel like a daycare: you constantly start flamewars because you can't handle negative criticism. If you don't like a person's comment, ignore it instead of treating it like a social injustice.

  • Five Nights At Nightmare's
    3 weeks ago

    Only mods and admins can remove comments. I think leaving yours up will remind you to think twice before posting next time. We get enough FNAF flamewars on the site as it is.

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  • Honno
    Honno said 9 hours ago

    Hey man, it's cool that you've been doing videos of yyg stuff. I was just searching for yoyogames and found your playlist heh. After my exams are over I'd also wanna do the same thing really. Just want to say that I appreciate it :)

  • broadfilms
    broadfilms said 17 hours ago Can you please ban the creator of this, Feder1c0? The download ITSELF deletes windows

  • TFDevelops
    TFDevelops said 17 hours ago

    Hey, this guy is threatening to leak a game..ban maybe?

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