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I'm the resident Thor, I guess.

No, I will NOT ban the guy who just left a negative comment on a FNAF game for you. No, he's NOT a troll for sharing his dislike of FNAF. Grow up and learn to handle negative criticism.

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  • Freddy's Back
    1 day ago

    The TOS have no rules against leaving negative feedback, ChicaDj. You need a thick skin if you're going to share stuff on the internet. Frankly the headshot looks silly, like something out of clipart; it's anything but menacing.

  • Brandi Says Hi
    6 days ago

    You can hold ctrl and press - or + to change your browser screen size. But the game itself should take this into account so players don't have to do it.

  • Brandi Says Hi
    6 days ago

    it runs for me but there's no response to any of the controls.

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  • ChicaDj45
    ChicaDj45 said 30 minutes ago

    Well, I think I'm in the clear, but I'll either email, unless I'm busy, next time if something unusual is going on

  • ChicaDj45
    ChicaDj45 said 1 day ago

    Does that mean my account is unhacked??

  • ChicaDj45
    ChicaDj45 said 1 day ago

    Because I''m usually busy, about to go somewhere, and my computer is slow with email, so I put a note on a shout box.

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