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I specialize in game design, creating interesting and unique concepts either from original ideas or prior gameply elements.

I tend  to stick towards old-school game styles and keeping visual representation consistant.

Theres alot of projects I've started and left in cold-storage, mostly do to my free time being severly limited to work on such projects, but I usually make up for it with fast production methods.

More info about my endeavours can be found on my website/blog detailing my game projects/concepts and general ranting about games in general.

Various links to other content I have produced and game demos can be found there.

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  • The Crawl (3d RPG Maker)
    4 months ago

    Hard to say, its all about getting an engine together for it. But right now I'm working on my sci-fi project for the time being.

  • The Crawl (3d RPG Maker)
    1 year ago

    Nah, just in a coma. I had prototyped the game using Evaldraw, but its basicly just for prototypes, lacking features that would allow me to link features and handle files properly. Also the engine doesn't render how I'd like it, notice that only each tile is 'lighted', but the engine I'm working on(slowly) will allow for smooth shading, however with a Wolfenstein camera limit.

  • The Crawl (3d RPG Maker)
    1 year ago

    Its a RPG maker in the first person view like classic Wolfenstein but with '3d' sprites instead of flat ones. It have a suite somewhat like RPGmaker so users can create their own games. I plan to make a sample game to go with it as I get more done. I'm trying to keep the engine so it can be open to a variety of themes.

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  • Kiler_DiLeo (Mii)
    Kiler_DiLeo (Mii) said 11 months ago

    Love old-school games!

  • theweirdn8
    theweirdn8 said 4 years ago

    so ample legacy is a freeware/shareware mmorpg. I planned to use the texturers for that. The game will be free and/or subscription based, base-line I expect to make profit from it. So are you okay with me using texture pack for it?

  • UnknownGamer
    UnknownGamer said 4 years ago

    Thank you. The 1 has been deleted.

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