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I'm from Oldham, England, and I'm a post-doctoral synthetic chemist... oh, and I occasionally make/play/review amateur videogames, which is why I am here.


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  • Encased RPG Engine
    3 years ago

    Hey, I like this. A simple engine for creating a top-down RPG, good work!

  • Notrium
    4 years ago

    This game is really good and I dunno why I hadn't heard of it before. I'm not exactly very good at it so I'm not getting very far, but I'm enjoying it nonetheless. More in-detail review here:

  • Deckchair Invaders
    4 years ago

    This is pretty good considering how simple it is. It's the perfect game for a coffee break or something when you're at work, too! I couldn't get past the second level, sadly, but that's just because I suck at this kinda game. The only criticism I have is with the graphics - the houses at the bottom of the screen don't really fit with the graphics used for the aliens or the player character. Not really a big deal, though. Good work!

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