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A game designer raised on a diet of Studio Ghibli films and point-and-click adventures. I also contribute to You Have Been Playing.

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  • Incursion
    1 year ago

    Thanks a lot. :)

  • Incursion
    1 year ago

    We did have a third level in a semi-finished state, featuring friendly penguins and an angry mountain troll, but sadly it's too buggy to make public. Glad you liked what's there though. :)

  • Incursion
    1 year ago

    Thanks Srukr, glad you liked it. :)

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  • sianhulo
    sianhulo said 1 year ago

    I played your incursion game some months ago in desura and I recently stubled upon it here at GJ. Peter, Are you currently working on something?

  • cyphre117
    cyphre117 said 2 years ago

    Hey, I saw your game tweeted and I would like to play it but, oh god the contrast and font hurts. I'm not one of those people who obsesses over fonts/contrast or anything but I felt I had to coment when I quite the game after the tutorial due to eye strain. I would love to play it with a different colour sceme like solarized (dark or light) and a soft rounded font like consolas or monaco, more realistic too! thanks (shouted cause your site is down)

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