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  • Woods
    15 hours ago

    Great minimalistic art style and atmosphere. I had no problems moving around and such, but there were a few things that bothered me. I found it hard to see the landscape's shape due to the fact that everything was white. I didn't know how to pick up the axe (I tried most buttons) so in the end I just decided to go around for a wander. The stamina is far too much and the regeneration is far too slow. Also I was constantly being followed by a floating wolf who liked to drag himself on his side to me. When he did get to me it looked like he catapulted over my head and then proceeded to float away for a few seconds. It's quite unfinished like you say, but it could turn into something really cool. Keep at it!

  • Porn Quest
    15 hours ago

    oo la la

  • Warlocks
    1 day ago

    Risk of rain set in a fantasy world... I like it!

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  • Eleuin
    Eleuin said 3 days ago

    remove this account please, this site is no longer fun

  • Bowenware games
    Bowenware games said 1 week ago

    Ahh I'm sorry, I was a bit unsure maybe I should of asked first. Thanks for letting me know.

  • Cordell
    Cordell said 1 week ago

    Nevermind its there

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