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  • Markiplier: The Worst Workout of Your Life
    3 days ago

    Haha, very nice! I really like the art style for it. Thanks for the shoutout too!

  • Protocol
    6 days ago

    Haha that would be interesting

  • Maximus Cerebrum
    1 week ago

    I'm such a slowpoke. A very well made game! Well done on finally finishing it! I have been looking forward to playing it and I certainly enjoyed my experience. I am a horrible gamer and tend to lose interest in most games after 10 minutes unless they are pretty expansive, but Maximus Cerebrum dumped me in an unknown black and white place with nothing. Then I sprouted some legs and started to walk, it's the first thing anyone would do. And I walked and walked and explored the mysterious, sprawling location. Finding all sorts of peculiar things and trying to remember if the room I was walking through was one I had already passed. Maximus Cerebrum takes all elements of a good game and puts it in this nice humble adventure. It wasn't too difficult for me so I didn't give up on it - I wanted to finish it because I knew I could. It wasn't too overwhelming for me but it was big enough for it to make me want to explore. It wasn't too complex for me but it was simple enough to know what I was doing. And that's what makes it a great playthough. Even though the game was very big, I think that it would have benefited from larger paths to choose from. Turning on all the switches was fun to find, but if they were more of a challenge to find, then I'd feel a lot more satisfied when I got it. I kept on looking at the map because I knew there was one and I wanted to see how much I had explored, but I think the map could have been used better. Maybe having to come back to a room you had already explored, or trying to figure out how to get to a certain room to get a powerup. Oh yeah, powerups. It would have been a lot more fun with more powerups. Or maybe more things like the orb - I like the little atmospheric things. I'd recommend this to anybody really, it ticks everyone's boxes. Well, maybe not every single person in the world but people should definitely play it. Great work orange.

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  • BadHairDay
    BadHairDay said 18 hours ago

    hey sorry to bother but can you unmute me? I got muted for some unknown reason, I guess for posting some ascii stuff that everyone was posting, by Kunedon. Then ZakChaos banned me but I guess im unbanned now, but I'm still muted. Anyway thanks.

  • Eleuin
    Eleuin said 4 days ago

    srsly man, help

  • Eleuin
    Eleuin said 4 days ago

    its not my fault :(

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