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Developer of many fun, sometimes useful, but stupid things. I do occasional development work for Game Jolt and I'm also a moderator.

If you have anything that you want to say, don't hesitate to leave a shout or send me an email (nik [at] gamejolt [dot] com). I'd be happy to help out.

Want to know what I'm currently up to? Visit my website ( for a full list of things I've done!

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  • Super Squat Simulator
    21 hours ago


  • Super Squat Simulator
    21 hours ago

    left and right

  • Even the Stars
    6 days ago

    I remember playing this at EGX 2014, and it really stood out from the rest. I love these kinds of games, and you pulled this idea off really well. One of my favourites from you!

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  • REAL Tobi
    REAL Tobi said 2 days ago

    but i love u ok ill stpo

  • Gone69
    Gone69 said 4 days ago

    Hello mod. My origanal name used to be "Braeburn1995" until this person hacked my PC and I almost lost all of my accounts that I ever owned. His game that's contains malicious files is here. It is not a game, but malicious software that began to disable my Taskmanager, then afterwards it started to take my chrome out when I tried to post to warn others. I barely got one in before my GJ account was long gone. Can you please inspect the files in that game? DON'T RUN THE .EXE if you can help it. He is using other victim accounts to cover up his mess as well. Please get this guy the justice he deserves.

  • CaptainChirp32
    CaptainChirp32 said 5 days ago

    How did you become a MOD?

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