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Developer of many fun, sometimes useful, but stupid things. I do occasional development work for Game Jolt and I'm also a moderator.

If you have anything that you want to say, don't hesitate to leave a shout or send me an email (nik [at] gamejolt [dot] com). I'd be happy to help out.

Want to know what I'm currently up to? Visit my website ( for a full list of things I've done!

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  • creepmine
    creepmine said 3 hours ago

    how to upload a file with other data creepmine (^_^)

  • jerbear27
    jerbear27 said 4 days ago

    Got some game ideas would you be interested? I want no credit considering I did not program the game

  • nuuup
    nuuup said 5 days ago

    Hi Nikolas Kage

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