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Nice, small games.

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  • Audia
    3 years ago

    The controls are a bit weird (I agree with CROS) and the extra video effects made me wish there was an option for turning them off after a while, but otherwise very nice.

  • Dubloon
    4 years ago

    Played this today, I get stuck in the second room. The text on the screen says something along the lines "Drag items ... top of the screen" and no matter what I do the text won't go away and I can't move. Am I missing something really obvious here?

  • IG Maker test 001
    4 years ago

    When the boss music kicks in, just position yourself in such a way that the bomb crosshair targets one of the pyramids and then bomb it :) Once you shave off one of the pyramids, the rest should be manageable. Maybe I'll have to redesign that part a bit.

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  • KniteBlargh
    KniteBlargh said 1 year ago

    Wow, sounds good, 'cause I'm certainly not a programmer either, as you know. LOL I'd love to check out your current build; would really help me figure out the program in future, though I'll probably take a little time getting to it since I'm currently working on a couple other projects I have to finish first. I'll send my e-mail to you via private chat here. :)

  • KniteBlargh
    KniteBlargh said 1 year ago

    Hey buddy, long time no shout. Selective Memory Erase Effect looks amazing! Keep up the great work! Now that you've used it, what do you think of Arcade Game Studio?

  • Kanosis
    Kanosis said 4 years ago


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