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EDIT: i only cum to gamejolt to chat with 4 awseome people ! Fernando...Barry...Alice...Jelluh... and well because they are artistic and much more creative than the friends i have in real life... well if it wasnt for them i would have begged to be unbanned...

i think about these 4 people even when i sleep... they dont know how much i love them...and i would take a bullet for them but sadly i guess im gonna eat a bomb anytime soon.... these 4 people dont know how much i care about them...i would beat up anyone who offends them.....i would sacrifice my life for them...i love them as much as honno loves to ban me...

life can get brisky at times ( lol im sure you guys dont know the real story behind the brisk thing... it has something to do with Thestatpow)

and before i go SALLY I LOVES YOU !!! 

peace bitches im out... im really gonna miss these 4 people ...and im not gonna stop thinking about them even if i stop breathing !!






Im the real Nayef Mazraani

The guy from Lebanon , who makes some INSANE MONTAGES , plays GAMES , Makes GAMES , and does some WIERD SHIT too !!






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  • Do You Even Push?
    2 weeks ago

    Do you even push?" Is a push up simulator, where you do pishups ... pishups... pishups

  • Do You Even Push?
    3 weeks ago

    go with black text intead of white ;P

  • Skyline
    3 weeks ago

    a destroyed village biome where orcs or trolls spawn.... a deserted biome with skeletons ...

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  • moosepotato
    moosepotato said 1 week ago

    What ? You' re banned again ?

  • AGoodGameMaker
    AGoodGameMaker said 1 week ago

    Banned again? D:

  • Honno
    Honno said 4 weeks ago

    If you were trying to automute yourself, you was bloodly slow at doing it :/

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