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I was born...I haven't died yet...and in the meantime I'm making games.

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    by myformerselves
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    4.5 (182 ratings)


    by myformerselves
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  • Middens
    1 week ago

    Hello Serenity Crystal. You have my permission. Thank you for asking. Best wishes.

  • Middens
    3 weeks ago

    I have scanned the file with AVG and Malware Bytes. No threats were detected. Your antivirus is picking up a false positive. Most likely it doesn't like the exe file simply because it is an exe file.

  • Middens
    3 weeks ago

    Totally untrue.

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  • MiniChaos
    MiniChaos said 5 months ago

    Hello! I'm just wondering if it's okay if i promote your game through my youtube channel and if there's any type of file that is best if i'm recording with fraps.

  • nuuup
    nuuup said 8 months ago

    you like borat

  • nuuup
    nuuup said 9 months ago


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