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I was born...I haven't died yet...and in the meantime I'm making games.

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  • Gingiva
    2 months ago

    "Post-modernism is a bit of an overused expression, so let's definite it clearly right here - let's say it's a critical way of seeing things that tends to consider there are no objective truths, that what are supposedly self-evident concepts are often nothing more than social constructs, and that everything should be questioned and deconstructed as a result." The above was taken from a review of Earthbound---a game largely considered to be one of the first truly postmodern examples in gaming. From the vantage that the title is regarded as one of the most esteemed in history presents something of a challenge to your statement. Gingiva was not created with the intention of being a part of any particular art movement as you implied. It merely a story of fantasy. Barely different than the folk tales told hundreds of years before the term modern or post modern were ever uttered.

  • Gingiva
    3 months ago

    Hey Peyton, I recommend that you go into the game folder titled 'Fonts' and double click the single file there named 'batang'. Gingiva uses this font to display text. This should correct the error. Let me know if you continue to have trouble uploading the game.

  • Gingiva
    5 months ago

    You might try freeing space on your computer using CCleaner or similar software. Adding ram sticks to your motherboard or playing the game with nothing else running. This crash occurs due to lag created from certain spec incompatibilities. A lack of available memory could be the culprit. There's quite a few possibilities. A tech savvy forum may provide additional insight.

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  • Horrorible potato
    Horrorible potato said 2 months ago

    you like borat

  • Horrorible potato
    Horrorible potato said 3 months ago


  • howieantonio
    howieantonio said 3 months ago

    i want to record your two games middens and gingiva both which are awsome,, i use fraps and xdtroy to record stuff but cant really figure out why this wont record any tips???

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