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I was born...I haven't died yet...and in the meantime I'm making games.

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    by myformerselves
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    by myformerselves
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  • Middens
    1 day ago

    I have scanned the file with AVG and Malware Bytes. No threats were detected. Your antivirus is picking up a false positive. Most likely it doesn't like the exe file simply because it is an exe file.

  • Middens
    1 day ago

    Totally untrue.

  • Gingiva
    2 days ago

    Try right clicking the application and running the game as administrator. You may also need to download the Batang font. To do this you can simply enter the game's font folder and double click the TTF file. Hope that helps.

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  • MiniChaos
    MiniChaos said 5 months ago

    Hello! I'm just wondering if it's okay if i promote your game through my youtube channel and if there's any type of file that is best if i'm recording with fraps.

  • nuuup
    nuuup said 8 months ago

    you like borat

  • nuuup
    nuuup said 8 months ago


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