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I was born...I haven't died yet...and in the meantime I'm making games.

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    by myformerselves
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    by myformerselves
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  • Gingiva
    3 weeks ago

    Are you playing with the lights off? I've never tried that. I live in a formerly haunted house(we had an exorcism on the place) so we'd probably have some good stories to exchange. Our ghosts used to steal my car keys, stomp around empty rooms at 2AM, and scratch folks while they slept.

  • Gingiva
    1 month ago

    Thank you and sorry about that. Turns our some of the sound files are incompatible with Mac. If you can convert them you can continue to play. I plan to go and fix this when I have time. The Windows version works perfectly.

  • Gingiva
    1 month ago

    Unzip the compressed folder? Should be as easy as right clicking the file and selecting 'extract all' or 'extract here' or 'unzip to folder'. Once that's done you just click on the exe/application file. There's a freeware unzipper called 7-Zip that you can download for further help. It's pretty handy if you've never done this sort of thing before. Hope that helps.

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  • MiniChaos
    MiniChaos said 3 months ago

    Hello! I'm just wondering if it's okay if i promote your game through my youtube channel and if there's any type of file that is best if i'm recording with fraps.

  • nuuup
    nuuup said 6 months ago

    you like borat

  • nuuup
    nuuup said 6 months ago


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