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Me, a gamer, IT student, a person who just love gaming and now making game. ^_^ Loading... to become a professional .


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  • CyberHelix
    CyberHelix said 1 year ago

    Right, sorry it took some time to make, I've finished the video for Crowded Place: I'd love to do some videos on your other games, by the way! Crowded Place was a tad small and you've got a rather nice library.

  • CyberHelix
    CyberHelix said 1 year ago

    Hello, I wanted to ask if I could have your consent to make a video of Crowded Place. Thank you ahead of time.

  • ObsidianSkin
    ObsidianSkin said 1 year ago

    Hey. I was wondering if I could feature your game, Party Run, on my blog. Thanks.

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