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Me, a gamer, IT student, a person who just love gaming and now making game. ^_^ Loading... to become a professional .


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  • Dungeon Souls
    1 week ago

    I already did a lot of balances on the game, hopefully it would not be anymore as bad on the next update :) Sure, i'll try giving them passive regen

  • Dungeon Souls
    1 week ago

    uhm,that was strange, ill to find and fix it

  • Dungeon Souls
    1 week ago

    When you have a Soul Jar, you can collect enemies' soul which is represented by the violet floating orb which moves towards you and heals you

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  • blacky0000
    blacky0000 said 11 hours ago

    Can i record me playing your game and put it on youtube i will give you cred of course

  • HectorRoman007
    HectorRoman007 said 2 weeks ago

    Welcome Mwaayk :D

  • HectorRoman007
    HectorRoman007 said 2 weeks ago

    Hey Mwaayk, I finished the video for you. SORRY it took so long. I was dealing with some personal stuff. The LINK to my YOUTUBE channel is on my game jolt profile page. I hope you enjoy it. Don't forget to LIKE, COMMENT and SUBSCRIBE. Also please add the video to the media on the Games page. Also me on Facebook, and don't forget to share the video every where.

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