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    4 years ago

    I noticed that everyone that commented thought that it was a 5! Wow! A FIVE! That means that it is rated as one of the best games on GameJolt! I guess that I'm missing something. It crashed my machine a few times. I really don't like the WASD for movement but that is just me. And, as puzzles go, this one didn't intrigue me. (just an opinion)

    I have No Doubt that your software is the best of the best but I'm just not seeing it. It is probably just my old computer that is the problem.

    I respect the fact that you put a whole 12 days of work into it but...I still must evaluate it compared to the rest of the software on GameJolt.

  • MiniSweeper
    4 years ago

    When I click on the Quick Play Game.........Nothing Happens. When I Download Game.........My Virus Protection Program advises not to run it.

    I have No Idea what is wrong but I hope that you can clear it up. Looking forwared to trying your fixed program.

  • Rainbow Raindrops
    4 years ago

    This would just be another of THE MANY average rated 3 Match-3-Games. I took a point off because I had to install ADDITIONAL software to run this game.

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  • Arnello Stevens
    Arnello Stevens said 4 years ago

    Yeah what will happen if I download higher rating puzzle games... (Well my game was one of them until you came along) Partner every game developer is different they have their ideas and I have mine. (I don't have to make my game like theirs in order for it to be good)

  • G-Factor
    G-Factor said 4 years ago

    Hi thanks for the comments on Spectrum Boy. Just a couple of questions. You say you exit some levels and the light bulb is still ON. Well, the bulb being ON means you've completed the level so it's supposed to be on. And secondly...this game is supposed to be completed. What gives you the impression it's incomplete? I'm curious because a couple of people have mentioned this. Cheers!

  • scoz
    scoz said 5 years ago

    Just realised how jumbled up I got there for a second :P I was saying that "Unexpected Error Occured" can be caused by a surface problem. That's why some GM games might run and others might not. I think that can be fixed by updating Direct X, but I can't remember.

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