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The resident Dirty Harry.

No, I will NOT ban the guy who just left a negative comment on a FNAF game for you. No, he's NOT a troll for sharing his dislike of FNAF. Grow up and learn to handle negative criticism.

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  • The Return To Freddy's 2
    4 days ago

    Gnars should be more specific, but he's still entitled to share his opinion. People who use the term "hater" have an allergy to negative criticism, which seems to be a widespread epidemic in the FNAF community.

  • Nightmare Toys
    1 week ago

    All games are FNAF when you really think about it. Even Super Mario!

  • One Night at Stick Man's
    1 week ago

    Please upload screenshots.

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  • Mridha Ishmam
    Mridha Ishmam said 2 days ago

    I jumped into the conclusion because of Barry. He's an ignoring, non-muter guy. He didn't muted anyone on the Spam War in Dev Chat.

  • Kun-dere Hachi
    Kun-dere Hachi said 3 days ago

    What's with that avatar everyone is using?

  • The Rubber Poop
    The Rubber Poop said 3 days ago

    well, um okay thx 4 the shout, and I will get back into devvin my game.

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