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The resident Dirty Harry.

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  • Pagen Ritual DEMO
    8 hours ago

    If I don't like it, I can speak my mind just like anyone else. You've had plenty of time to fix any issues the commenters brought up here; rushed or not, it looks amateurish if you respond to criticism defensively instead of trying to fix any issues brought up, including something as easy to fix as the misspelling of the most important word in the game, which IS your problem.

  • Pagen Ritual DEMO
    22 hours ago

    Two months later you still can't be bothered to spell "pagan" correctly? Nevermind the lack of research on the subject of paganism. Even though neither is related to gameplay, both makes this project look exceedingly amateurish.

  • Oracle
    22 hours ago

    i dunno about anyone else, but the lag is ungodly in almost every area. Probably too many active objects at once.

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  • Rapix Interactive Publishing
    Rapix Interactive Publishing said 4 hours ago

    Hey! Mike! i dont know if i could do this but there is a user that spammed a bit to much in chat his name is aa20032 is there a way to mute him for a bit please?! Heres Proof: http://www.mediafire.com/view/2zq97rt9994260z/Screenshot_2.png#

  • AGoodGameMaker
    AGoodGameMaker said 22 hours ago

    Oh... Alright... My bad :P

  • phillipmoore35912
    phillipmoore35912 said 1 day ago


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