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I play Bad Cop on tv!

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  • Somari Remastered
    2 days ago

    You're not supposed to "find" thumbnails to use. You're supposed to "make" your own. Quit taking other people's thumbnails.

  • Tim_
    1 month ago

    The alligators are ADORABLE AAAAH

  • PJ 2
    1 month ago

    You should post screenshots too, so we know what we're expecting.

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  • PowerfulKyurem
    PowerfulKyurem said 1 week ago

    Weird, it must've just been my internet acting up.

  • PowerfulKyurem
    PowerfulKyurem said 1 week ago

    did you just mute me?

  • Eleuin
    Eleuin said 1 week ago

    you can go ahead and ban all accounts on my IP

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