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fuck a guy on here with a profile name as: kunedon


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    3 days ago

    Saying "this subject is okay to joke about, but this subject isn't" is hypocritical. Anything and everything can be funny with the right delivery. This game is NOT the right delivery. It's just juvenile, and was only made to spite the mods. We'd probably have taken his games down if anyone took him even remotely seriously.

  • Imscared - A Pixelated Nightmare
    6 days ago

    He's been warned by three mods now. Let me know if he keeps harassing you.

  • Doomed Dungeon
    6 days ago

    I died and loaded last save...and got all kinds of nasty glitches. My weapon was already out, but I saw another hand bringing my weapon out at the same time. Esc made the menu blink in and out of existence with every press, so i couldn't choose any options. I could see through walls and couldn't see spell selection. Couldn't even ctrl-alt-del to close the application: i had to ctrl-esc and manually open the task manager to kill it.

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  • BadHairDay
    BadHairDay said 2 days ago

    hey sorry to bother you but this user Jak ( 68462 ) is threatening people in dev chat with hacking their computer and he's posted stuff that allegedly is from their computers u.u

  • lewisbergin
    lewisbergin said 5 days ago

    Mods cant ban :)

  • Alice
    Alice said 6 days ago

    Ok. I want to know, is there any way I can get those shouts removed?

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