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I play Bad Cop on tv!

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  • Slender: Anxiety
    20 hours ago

    Wandering_lemon has EVERY RIGHT to leave negative criticism if he explains himself, and he did. If I see any more whiny butthurt fanboyism I'll start removing comments. Let only the game's creator reply to comments from now on.

  • Mean Two-fisted Biomech
    1 week ago

    Thanks man! Nice to know there are still people who play this old dinosaur.

  • Gemdance v1
    2 weeks ago

    I find it very hard to believe that you were too lazy to log in to play it, yet not too lazy to log in and leave a comment, albeit one that's worded to suggest you didn't bother playing it.

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  • FaceApocalypse
    FaceApocalypse said 2 hours ago

    Sorry, I don't use gamejolt often

  • Foolgeorge
    Foolgeorge said 7 hours ago

    Mike,unban Zak,he's banned.

  • Ilog123
    Ilog123 said 9 hours ago

    hello Mike MacDee can you unmute me pls? im sorry for spamming

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