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I play Bad Cop on tv!

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  • PJ 2
    1 week ago

    You should post screenshots too, so we know what we're expecting.

  • PJ 2
    1 week ago

    moar butt shots

  • Eternal Sunshine
    2 weeks ago

    Nothing wrong with criticizing bad writing. You're only a grammar nazi if you jump down someone's throat for a single typo.

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  • Mantas
    Mantas said 1 day ago

    I'm sure I have a right to express myself and dislike stuff if I have a reason. Also don't bother and don't reply this, this is my statement.

  • GarboTek
    GarboTek said 3 days ago

    Yet, you avoided my main concern. The "rules" of the chat are not public, so you say, which is by far the most hypocritical thing I've heard from a mod. I've heard many hypocritical things, but nothing that inane, stupid, and just downright lies based on what Jupiter said to us. That's like saying, "Hey, we made a law, and you can't do this specific thing, but we're not going to tell you what it is." I respected you, but now, I have no respect for you. You're trying to sell me some dumbass bullshit. If you have rules for the chat, post them. If you think people will interpret them differently than you, THEN MAKE THEM CLEAR AND EASY TO UNDERSTAND, and DON'T HIDE THEM FROM THE COMMUNITY THAT'S SUPPOSED TO ABIDE BY THEM. You're not an idiot, but I'm starting to suspect.

  • GarboTek
    GarboTek said 4 days ago

    And by the way, is it fair that when you're muted, you can't PM anyone? There is no other site I've ever seen where you can be muted from PMing. I would like to respond to some important messages that I don't feel comfortable shouting on their profiles, but it won't let me. Who do I have to talk to about this? Do I have to go to CROS, or is this just a feature of the site that won't ever be removed?

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