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The resident Dirty Harry.

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  • The Beef Thief
    2 days ago

    4/5 just for Elvis's animations.

  • Imperial Commander Inhabited Islands
    3 days ago

    the game would look nicer if the sprites didn't have black outlines, so they wouldn't clash with the other graphics; and if they fit inside a single tile. This would make the graphics more consistent overall, and improve the game's appearance.

  • Pagen Ritual DEMO
    4 days ago

    If it's an ancient project you're not really working on anymore then I can see your point as well. I hope you hold your future projects to a higher standard, from an artistic standpoint.

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  • NaterTaterPlays
    NaterTaterPlays said 16 minutes ago

    Happy thanksgiving Mike MacDee

  • Jason64
    Jason64 said 2 hours ago

    Actually I made my game RIGHT WHEN the Jam started, Then I pressed Make a game on this jam, And that's what I did!

  • Sean Toman
    Sean Toman said 4 hours ago

    Mike just because I moved some of my games over to my friends website does not give you the right to call me 'greedy' among other things for it. I've watched them grow and thought I could help out give them traffic, gamejolt gets enough as it is. You are meant to be a moderator.

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