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The resident Dirty Harry.

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  • Town Of Salem
    1 week ago

    Last I checked, you can't use your game profile purely to promote external links. You have to have the full game as a free download. Did you come to an agreement with CROS or something?

  • Project Midnight 3
    2 weeks ago

    This is common when you make freeware games: they go viral. That's why you make sure to put your name and any important links in the games themselves. I lost count of how many spanish and russian sites are hosting my stuff.

  • Somari Remastered
    3 weeks ago

    You're not supposed to "find" thumbnails to use. You're supposed to "make" your own. Quit taking other people's thumbnails.

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  • TheEbolaGiraffe
    TheEbolaGiraffe said 1 day ago

    mike macdaddy♥

  • PumpkinfulKyurem
    PumpkinfulKyurem said 4 days ago

    Well, in his defense, everyone was raging at me, not just him.

    MERKMUSIC said 4 days ago

    but if it was against the rules or something, sorry. mistaken.

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