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    4.4 (123 ratings)


    by Mike Inel
    Profile Views: 36,362
    Downloads/Plays: 23,648
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  • Overall Rating

    4.7 (458 ratings)


    by Mike Inel
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    Comments: 305
  • Overall Rating

    4.6 (557 ratings)


    by Mike Inel
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  • Overall Rating

    3.7 (17 ratings)


    by Mike Inel
    Profile Views: 10,273
    Downloads/Plays: 2,327
    Comments: 2
  • Overall Rating

    4.2 (30 ratings)


    by Mike Inel
    Profile Views: 12,365
    Downloads/Plays: 4,234
    Comments: 16
  • Overall Rating

    4.1 (20 ratings)


    by Mike Inel
    Profile Views: 11,350
    Downloads/Plays: 3,073
    Comments: 5

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  • OUTt
    7 months ago

    Thank you! Yes you may!

  • OUTt
    7 months ago

    Thank you! When you're stuck in a level, you can use the R key to die and start from the most recent checkpoint.

  • Which
    5 years ago

    Thanks! There are 2 possible endings...

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  • datacherepukhin
    datacherepukhin said 1 month ago

    i am going to do a walkthrough about it, maybe... and if I do I will be sure to tell you how I enjoyed it :3

  • remaG_bweN
    remaG_bweN said 2 months ago

    Hey! Me and my brother LOVE your game deIz. Though my brother is wondering how a girl like me likes this kind of game of your's. I just like them. They have it all I guess, anime genre I mean. Miss Sungit huh? LOL. Anyway, Keep up the good work!! :D

  • EtanSenpai
    EtanSenpai said 3 months ago

    I liked me some deIz. It was pretty kewl, i enjoyed it. And since I'm a lil weeaboo I'd like to ask you to make more visual novels like that.

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