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    4.7 (326 ratings)


    by Mike Inel
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  • Overall Rating

    4.6 (475 ratings)


    by Mike Inel
    Profile Views: 652,155
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    Comments: 254
  • Overall Rating

    3.7 (14 ratings)


    by Mike Inel
    Profile Views: 9,035
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    Comments: 2
  • Overall Rating

    4.1 (26 ratings)


    by Mike Inel
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    Comments: 15
  • Overall Rating

    4.1 (17 ratings)


    by Mike Inel
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  • Which
    4 years ago

    Thanks! There are 2 possible endings...

  • How
    4 years ago

    Thanks. If I get the opportunity, I might remake the game for something better... (of course, with sounds)

  • How
    4 years ago

    To me, I think it lacks a goal for the player to get motivated on making more points. Just a thought... Still, thank you!

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  • GiantPurpleDinos
    GiantPurpleDinos said 1 month ago

    Could you complete the anime of deiz? You've probably been doing bigger stuff, but if you could that would be great.

  • zalikahuijzen
    zalikahuijzen said 3 months ago

    I love deiz, serouisly I love it. are you going to make a second part? that would be awesome

  • MATE123Q
    MATE123Q said 3 months ago

    I liked the game deiz very much. when are you going to create a deiz 2 because deiz was the first amazing visual novel ive ever played

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