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I'm an indie games developer from Germany. I like to make some noise, too...

Check it out at WWW.MONOSYS.DE !


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  • Solarium
    1 week ago

    Very good, deep experience. Best interactive fiction I read in years! I find this very inspiring, great work!!! Just amazing...

  • Broken Cards
    1 week ago

    Thank you! If the game was easy, you should try some more times, it's a bit unbalanced, and ever game can be completely different... and mostly hard! ;)

  • Broken Cards
    1 week ago

    Thanks for commenting! When people say the game is addictive, I'm so proud... cause that's what I wanted to achieve....! I'm glad you like the idea....

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  • virusfreegamerrainz
    virusfreegamerrainz said 6 months ago

    heey i see that you made a bunch of great games what website did you use to create the games? was it for free?

  • Honno
    Honno said 7 months ago

    I was joking.

  • DrunkenGamer
    DrunkenGamer said 8 months ago

    Hey man, got your shout. Checkin out this evening. Lookin forward to it. Thx.

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