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I'm just a guy developing on the side. I've been making games since 2004 and I don't intend to stop. My goal is to eventually support myself making games.

I mostly deal with sci-fi game settings and more technical and action oriented stuff. I've got a soft spot for hard-sci-fi.

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  • Spatial
    1 year ago

    Love this game, shares a lot in common with Flaotilla but the ship variety and awesome, infinitely usable 3d command interface make this game it's own gem. I really hope the core game here gets made into something bigger. I would throw money at you as I'd love to play a sandbox game like this with modular/customized or at least buyable units with more player control of fleet composition. One suggestion though; the planar-displacement line (the one extending from the movement disk-thing) could stand to be differentiated from the movement line. Maybe make it dotted or a different color/alpha?

  • Space Rig Zeta
    1 year ago

    Haha that's what I like to hear :)

  • Space Rig Zeta
    1 year ago

    Huh really? It may be something in the communication layer since you're using Linux, when you started the game did yous ee a Gamejolt logo? If that didn't show up then the API communication just outright couldn't start. It should work automatically if you use quickplay while logged in. But thanks for the feedback ^^ nice to hear that I've got a good level of polish. And I know what you mean about hitting the enemy, I need to modify the attacker type enemies, they tend to get into wide, high-speed orbits at times.

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  • Jack Spinoza
    Jack Spinoza said 1 year ago

    hey, I've been trying your space rig zeta and the exe has stopped running 3 out of 5 times. I'm going to try downloading again and see if maybe I've done something a bit wrong. If it happens again then I'll try and track down the problem. But, from what I've played I think it is excellent. I'm really into the space theme at the moment so I feel a bit inspired. good stuff. P.S. Could be a windows 8 problem

  • Jack Spinoza
    Jack Spinoza said 1 year ago

    editors@indiegames.com is somewhere you can send knowledge to

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