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Check out www.awesomegamesdepot.com for hints and strategies.  Enjoy the games! 

Action Games:

"Jungle Journey Challenge": a sidescroller

"Extrasolar Scout Missions": science fiction missions

"Reflecting Wall Score": reflex challenger

"Fall Leaf Catching": reflex challenger

"20 To 10,000": strategic reflex challenger


Science Games:

"Constellations Mixed and Matched": Match celestial constellations-quickly.


Adventure Games:

"An Adventurer and an Island"

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  • CubicRealms
    4 years ago

    Every time I press F I simply get put at the top of the tree? What do I need to do to jump over blocks?

  • RUN - On the moon
    4 years ago

    Nice, that's clever and fun. I like the idea of dodging asteroids on the moon; completely defies scientific reality yet in a way that is fun and entertaining. I also think the graphics are pretty good, especially the molten rocks you have. The scattering of the extra rocket lives is cool too.

  • 20 To 10,000
    4 years ago

    Hey thanks BK-TN. Yeah, I completely agree, a remake with better graphics might do this game well. I'm glad you got a kick out of the game nonetheless!

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