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Hello, I used to be, but am no longer.


No, seriously, my tale is a sad and lengthy one, but we're not going to focus on that. Hey, I'm still around and kicking, and that's the important thing!

In case you're unaware, I was one of the first MODs here on Game Jolt, but resigned from that posission in March of 2011. I had many wonderful experiences during that time; I love the people, and the people say they love me, which tells me I must have done something right.

Nowadays, I still enjoy creating graphical updates for Game Jolt when Cros has a job for me, and of course, I always enjoy seeing some of the great works/games that are uploaded by many talented indie developers to the site.

My hope is that you will all find success and enjoy yourselves in the process.


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  • Magical Cracker Quest
    1 week ago

    Quite enjoyable. I don't want to spoil anything since it's a rather short experience, but I did manage to die a horrible death in an absolutely humiliating and shameful way the first time through.

  • The Jumping Bean
    5 months ago

    This is cute. :) I like what you did with the genre. It doesn't exactly feel like an "infinite" runner since it seems inevitable that you'll be caught no matter how well you do during some rounds, but I also enjoy the fact that the goal is to stay away from the person chasing you as long as you can, combating the random elements thrown your way, instead of the more typical scenarios that have you going who knows where for who knows what reason. 'Twas enjoyable, good job!

  • A Place in Space
    5 months ago

    Nifty game! As usual, you manage to fit a lot of charm into simplicity. Mechanics feel nice, and I really like those trippy effects while shooting. This'll be one I'll be coming back to.

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  • acidpoison
    acidpoison said 5 months ago

    your fox in the forest art looks awesome.

  • BK-TN
    BK-TN said 5 months ago


  • BitZero
    BitZero said 9 months ago

    Thank you. My finger feelers are good at reading pictures.

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