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An indie game dev from Australia.
I love working with 2D game design and art.
I like zombie games, RPGs, survival games and games in general! :D

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  • DeadBase
    11 months ago

    Glad you liked it, thankyou for the feedback. I'm making plans for an overhauled isometric version in the near future, no solid plans. Cheers for the comment!

  • DeadBase
    11 months ago

    Thanks bud.

  • DeadBase
    11 months ago

    GJ Windows version released, lots of bugs, enjoy. xD

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  • MitchBrits15 (Pixel Wizard Studio)
    MitchBrits15 (Pixel Wizard Studio) said 1 year ago

    WOW :D Thanks for my Dragon Slaying reward!!! Although i have no level 3 GameJolt shall fear that i will level up soon!!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHA

  • AREA519_TLP
    AREA519_TLP said 1 year ago

    Hey man, you still come on yoyogames? -P.S. I know it's been a year but thank you for the review on POPPED.

  • Trystin
    Trystin said 1 year ago

    So you live in Aus too do you? Ditto

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