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I'm a game developer from New Zealand interested in 'art games', sound design and exploring space and video game conventions in new and exciting ways!

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  • I Remember The Rain
    2 months ago

    Sure! Send me the link if you like if you do one :)

  • Bruce Lee II
    9 months ago

    Very cool. The mechanics, graphics and sound are perfect. What really impressed me though was the level design. I love how you end up going back through screens in different ways and that the path or things you can jump on and interact with aren't always made obvious.

  • baker flowers
    9 months ago

    Very cool! Simple but effective. I like your art style very much

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  • Beersy Games
    Beersy Games said 7 months ago

    new project up! it needs polishing but the overall thing is done, looking for help, ideas, thoughts? if anyone would like to help out lemme know ill add your name to credits for any help!

  • DemonPeacock
    DemonPeacock said 9 months ago

    Loved I remember the rain. Amazing. I did a playthrough: I hope you enjoy :)

  • Silverfly
    Silverfly said 11 months ago

    I just finished 'Remember the Rain'. I thought I'd say thanks, it's a magnificent piece. I'd certainly enjoy another game like that, but of course I'm not the only one. Anyway - it's wonderful, that's all I came to say.

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