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I'm a game developer from New Zealand interested in 'art games', sound design and exploring space and video game conventions in new and exciting ways!

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  • I Remember The Rain
    1 day ago

    Maybe try downloading it from here:

  • I Remember The Rain
    1 day ago

    That is strange if it already started running. Make sure you extract the .zip file

  • Veridious
    4 days ago

    Interesting game, I really like the subterranean, alien aesthetic. It has a eerie but also playful vibe to it. The thing that bugs me the most is the UI and constant prompts to click on things. These parts aren't implemented very elegantly either(prompt to click the core appears when the object isn't even highlighted yet). I think a more explorative approach would suit the nature of your game better. I would say tell the player to use WASD and the mouse at the start but nothing more. Also don't spell out every change in text because it takes the mystery away. Let the player power up the core and use sound and level design to let them figure things out. Looking forward to playing the finished version!

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  • CheesyKnobCodee
    CheesyKnobCodee said 1 month ago

    How did you learn game maker what tutorials where should I go to learn it

  • Sanchez450
    Sanchez450 said 7 months ago

    Hey Jordan! I don't know how to send messages so I'll leave this as a shout. What is the song for "I Remember the Rain." Its amazing and I'd love to just have it whenever to listen to. You can leave a shout out to me or a message or whatever with a link or send it via email @ Thanks!

  • nuuup
    nuuup said 8 months ago

    the hosting u used, also, plz

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