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Jordan Browne
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I'm a game developer from New Zealand interested in 'art games', sound design and exploring space and video game conventions in new and exciting ways!

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  • Bernband
    1 month ago

    Great game, the use of dark space to make the city seem sprawling in combination with the speeding ships was especially affective. It reminds me of Samurai Jack in the best possible way. The locations are also really surprising, the first time going into the theatre felt strangely magical. Details like the party in the car (or ship?) parking building felt rewarding to discover. If you are looking for a musician/sound designer or simply game creator to collaborate with on future projects like this I would be quite interested.

  • Helmin & Gur
    4 months ago

    I love the colour palette, that in addition with the screen effects and overlays build a great atmosphere.

  • Ludus
    4 months ago

    Congrats on the front page feature! Well polished unique twist to a set of familiar mechanics. Love how dynamic the stages are and how game play shifts with the change of a few simple elements. The siege weapons add so much repeatability.

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  • Sanchez450
    Sanchez450 said 4 months ago

    Hey Jordan! I don't know how to send messages so I'll leave this as a shout. What is the song for "I Remember the Rain." Its amazing and I'd love to just have it whenever to listen to. You can leave a shout out to me or a message or whatever with a link or send it via email @ Thanks!

  • Horrorible potato
    Horrorible potato said 5 months ago

    the hosting u used, also, plz

  • Horrorible potato
    Horrorible potato said 5 months ago

    how did you make ur website shout me back

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