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James Rhodes
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I (no longer) run RoketGames and a few other things - this biography is way shorter than it should be ;)

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  • Dimension Jump
    4 years ago

    First time I've had reports of it actually locking up a computer. It might be something to do with your GPU and surfaces (since this game uses surfaces extensively, and others have reported problems with them).

    Glad to hear you liked the game though :D

  • Dimension Jump
    4 years ago

    Thanks for playing!

    Yeah, Game Maker does seem to cause it to lag up on some computers and the surface implementation causes graphical issues on some cards; not much I can do about that though since there's no alternative (other than rewriting it in another engine).

  • Dimension Jump
    4 years ago

    There's now a graphical artifact "fix" now available for those of you who experience issues on Vista / 7.

    Read the download page for more information on the fix.

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  • CROS
    CROS said 5 years ago

    hworld@holo-world.com on MSN

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