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    2 months ago

    Omg, some of the art style is really cool and then most of the characters and everything that they say just seems like intentionally overly cryptic hippie hipster bullshit. I'm all for videogames as art but sometimes in the writing it can get to the point it just feels too heavy-handed and obnoxious, crippling to the experience -- like the writer could be genuine but chooses to be dense or difficult instead. If you have an overarching underlying message and theme, don't hide it so well that it's like no player will get at it. I love that some of the character interactions are so disturbing and creepy and then contrast with the otherwise happy cute atmosphere of the game and so it mostly ends up humorous, I laughed out loud multiple times for sure during this video... but I'm not sure that's even intentional, not so sure that's how the developers meant for it to come across at all. I would try playing this game with a friend for the humor though lol, intentional or not.

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    2 months ago

    lol wtf omg

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  • milkwad
    milkwad said 1 week ago

    You da man

  • nuuup
    nuuup said 3 weeks ago

    only now i noticed that your profile picture comes from the cameron carpenter h3h3 video...

  • BK-TN
    BK-TN said 1 month ago

    Just finished Beeswing. Beautiful thing. It ended up making me cry a bit. Thank you

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