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My name is Ivan, I'm an Italian indie developer.

My development tools are Game Maker 8 for the game itself, FL Studio for the musics and sfx and the good old Paint for the graphics. My favourite games are platformers (big Megaman fan here) and Horror games. Well, that's all folks! =)

(I apologize for my bad english, I'll do what I can to be understandable!)

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  • Imscared - A Pixelated Nightmare
    21 hours ago

    Imscared DOES NOT mess up with computers. Every game you play creates files in hidden folders. Imscared creates files like any other game, but uses them (and game crashes) to keep the story going.

  • Imscared - A Pixelated Nightmare
    21 hours ago

    Hi, Supertoken, game developer here. I'm really not interested in what opinion you have about my game: I'm really open to criticism and I can take a bad comment or two without flinching. Anyway, you're violating the rules of GameJolt spamming and spamming: as you've seen, Admins removed your previous multitude of comments and probably they'll do it again everytime You start spamming like the idiot you are. You're disturbing me, other users and admins with your "I'm brave and sly as a potato" thingie, so just stop. We understood you don't like my game, you're free to do it but for god's sake stop being a nuisance. Sincerely, Ivan

  • The Mask Reveals Disgusting Face
    1 month ago

    Great work: it sets up a really good atmosphere =)

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  • CatFluff
    CatFluff said 11 hours ago

    Hello Ivan

  • apricotluma
    apricotluma said 1 month ago

    Hey Ivan. Played all of your games, including iseeyou, and... I loved all of them. Although some were frustrating at times (i'm looking at you odtw!), they still had a great story, and with some, even greater scares. I can't wait for your latest game, Fireworks.

  • Meetthespy55
    Meetthespy55 said 1 month ago

    Hey Ivan, It's me, Meetthespy55 from Skype... If you don't remember then, I don't know what to say... Please accept my Friend request...

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