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Ivan Zanotti
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My name is Ivan, I'm an Italian indie developer.

My development tools are Game Maker 8 for the game itself, FL Studio for the musics and sfx and the good old Paint for the graphics. My favourite games are platformers (big Megaman fan here) and Horror games. Well, that's all folks! =)

(I apologize for my bad english, I'll do what I can to be understandable!)

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  • 21 Bytes
    6 months ago

    This is really promising: there are some bugs but hey, great start! I hope to see this patched and enhanced over the time =)

  • Imscared - A Pixelated Nightmare
    8 months ago

    Maybe You just need to answer... properly to the question, to go further ;)

  • Imscared - A Pixelated Nightmare
    8 months ago

    Imscared DOES NOT mess up with computers. Every game you play creates files in hidden folders. Imscared creates files like any other game, but uses them (and game crashes) to keep the story going.

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  • MyLostSilver
    MyLostSilver said 2 weeks ago

    Ivan! I have made a horror game jam! Wanna enter and see if you win?

  • veshnov
    veshnov said 3 months ago

    I cannot decide whether I hate you immensely for making Imscared, or respect you immensely for the genius of it.

  • Sparkeee
    Sparkeee said 3 months ago

    I cant play imscared. ima wimp.

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