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My name is Paul and I'm also known as Phack. I'm a gamer, writer, dad, and some other things.

I am an "editor" here at GameJolt, I write for,  and I have infrequently updated blogs at and

I tweet:

Email me: phack47 at gmail dot com

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  • TB Games
    TB Games said 16 hours ago

    Hey Paul,Can you please tell me tips to for become in the front page or just get more plays?

  • El Topo / Dante
    El Topo / Dante said 17 hours ago

    Hi there great Paul Hack. Have uploaded a newer and less buggier version of The Convict. Perhaps you wanna try? Would be cool if you could feedback on subject, perhaps comment it, if u like and have a minute to spend. Thx in advance.

  • Joccish
    Joccish said 2 days ago

    Hey Paul! Just wanted to let you know that my game Snålvargen (Now known as Bridge Wolf) was updated. I was hoping to hear what you think about the concept =)

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