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Hi, I'm Paul Hack. I am Editor here at GameJolt. My functions include supporting, moderating, writing, community managing, and evangelizing. Let me know if I can help you with anything =]

Btw, I have infrequently updated blogs at and, and you can find my writing around the net at places like 

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Email me: paul at gamejolt dot com

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  • Not Everything is Flammable
    1 day ago

    This game is wonderful! Such a cool concept, so well executed. Just awesome fun.

  • Why Am I Dead: Rebirth
    3 days ago

    A superb mystery adventure with smart writing and a fascinating central mechanic. Lots of replayability here, too.

  • Level 2 The Virus Master
    4 days ago

    Super awesome. Just a badass shooter, through and through. I especially loved how in sync with the music it is!

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  • Peltast
    Peltast said 3 days ago

    Hey, thank you so much for the feature and kind words! I really appreciate it.

  • Linkronny
    Linkronny said 3 days ago

    Oh thanks, the pancakes were magically delicious, also, thought of giving you a suggestion (Totally not a game that I've made, of course not, I would never promote myself around.... shhhh- I actually dislike promoting myself), but I really would like to know what you'd think about it ;-;, the game is on my profile and is called "The Plan", it could have some potential :D

  • Lazy Brain Games
    Lazy Brain Games said 4 days ago

    Hey man it's good to be back! If it wasn't for Evan Sammons commissioning the Virus Master I wouldn't be making games today. Big thanks for the feature, that really means a lot to me :)

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