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My name is Paul and I'm also known as Phack. I'm a gamer, writer, dad, and some other things.

I am an "editor" here at GameJolt, I write for,  and I have infrequently updated blogs at and

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Email me: phack47 at gmail dot com

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  • Dungeon Nightmares
    2 hours ago

    Exceptional horror game! Great atmosphere as well as some jump scares that actually got me. Fantastic audio, too. For the map, which is handled really well, it would be easier to just hit M again to close it, instead of Space. Those "blink" skeletons sometimes blocked my only passage out of a room. But I guess turning around to let them attack is part of the gameplay!

  • Space Pirate Dernshous
    23 hours ago

    Great atmosphere and style. Feels good. Would like to steer with the mouse. Would like MORE STUFF.

    2 days ago

    Concise, unnerving, haunting. Nice abstract style that reinforces the theme. Good one!

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  • Milkyandingding
    Milkyandingding said 19 hours ago

    thanks dood! that's very nice of you

  • elektron
    elektron said 1 day ago

    Awesome! Thank you so much!

  • Eat Create Sleep
    Eat Create Sleep said 4 days ago

    Thank you very much for featuring Among Ripples! The whole studio sends their thanks! :)

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