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Hi, I'm Paul Hack and I'm the Editor here at Game Jolt. My functions include support, moderating, stringing words together in various ways, community management, and evangelizing the site.

For support and questions about the site, please email

Please don't be offended if I take forever to answer your chat messages. Mine get REALLY backed up. 

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Email me directly about games and non-support type stuff: paul@gamejolt dot com

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  • Ben Axel
    1 day ago

    It's really fun! And merciless! Up arrow is a little awkward for me for reloading, I think I'd prefer C, so it's near jump and shoot.

  • Ananias Roguelike
    2 days ago

    One of my favorite roguelikes on my tablet, now on my desktop! Smooth as silk to control and easy to get into, but still a great challenge.

  • Mashing through the Motions
    2 days ago

    Great game! Can you add some screenshots? =]

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  • Tomasque
    Tomasque said 5 days ago

    You can now play Endoria! I hope you're still interested!

  • AcePointer Blackquill
    AcePointer Blackquill said 6 days ago

    Can you ban "ManWithSimplePleasures"? He has said that he is Nayef Mazraani in the Chatroom.

  • Ethan James Petty
    Ethan James Petty said 1 week ago

    Thanks for the warm welcome, Paul! I'm loving everything about Gamejolt.

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