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My name is Paul and I'm also known as Phack. I'm a gamer, writer, dad, and some other things.

I am an "editor" here at GameJolt, I write for,  and I have infrequently updated blogs at and

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Email me: phack47 at gmail dot com

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  • The Most Amazing Piano In The World
    8 hours ago

    No problem, take it as a compliment to the musician! And it was your choice of course. Anyway, a link to the credits is a good idea that others should pay attention to =]

  • Candlelight
    9 hours ago

    Gorgeous graphics and lighting effects. Highly original take on puzzle platforming and exploration. The flame adds a whole new dimension. Nice sound, too. Great game, and it can only get better!

  • The Most Amazing Piano In The World
    1 day ago

    Super fun, with a lovely blocky visual style. Great music!

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  • Steward HK Lar Lover
    Steward HK Lar Lover said 4 days ago

    I love it here! This is the first place where my video games have been able to properly take off. Wow! Thank you for even considering mentioning me! You don't know how much that means to me. After all, I know you're mondo big time in the indie game world. Much respect, yo!

  • Cicada Marionette
    Cicada Marionette said 4 days ago

    noooo problem!!! thank you a lot for featuring it :>

  • Bits And Bros
    Bits And Bros said 4 days ago

    Hey Paul its Mitch from Bits and Bros. Just wanted to let you know about a user (NoahCruz5201) who has posted a game named Terraria (which is obviously copyrighted) and to make it worse the download is only an empty .zip file. These kind of users don't deserve to even have an account of GameJolt. Why do people have to do this? :'(

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