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My name is Paul and I'm also known as Phack. I'm a gamer, writer, dad, and some other things.

I am an "editor" here at GameJolt, I write for,  and I have infrequently updated blogs at and

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Email me: phack47 at gmail dot com

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  • Downfall
    23 hours ago

    Fantastic atmosphere and graphics. That main character is a cool, creepy design. Engaging gameplay. I feel like walking speed is a bit slow, so I mostly run. Would like to have more control over aiming. And is there a way to save a game or exit without closing the window?

  • Maximus Cerebrum
    1 day ago

    Wow, this game has inspired some lengthy comments! I don't have much to say that hasn't been said. It's an excellent game with a cool art style and a great story. Playtime as score is an odd dynamic because my inclination when playing is to take my time exploring. Anyway, this could be the best thing you've done. It's really good!

  • Tower20
    2 days ago

    Nice and simple, but really fun, and with a sense of humor. Cool sprites. Great tune!

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  • GamesOnFire
    GamesOnFire said 5 hours ago

    Heya dude! We would apprecite if you could feature our game creator: FireCreator, we wan't as many users as possible. It would be a great bost for it since it's a good way to start indie development! Link: Cheers from GamesOnFire

  • Platinum
    Platinum said 1 day ago

    Can you please feature our game within deep sorrows Much appriecated. Thank you. Platinum aka Octagram

  • Cr2cr Studios
    Cr2cr Studios said 1 day ago

    Have you tried Rubber Ducky yet? Love to hear from you. . .

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