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Hello friends! I make games. I can't draw. Enjoy!

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  • Mind Therapy
    3 days ago

    Really enjoyed this. I love your style.

  • Frankenfirearm
    3 days ago

    My score was 3,920,055. The game is much more fun at the beginning, you quickly become OP with the upgrades. The procedurally-generated dungeons were very cool.

  • ccatch
    1 week ago

    This is a great arcade game! Attractive style and sounds, cool game mechanic.

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  • GarboTek
    GarboTek said 6 months ago I made a quick LP of your game, if you care. It's very creative, and I didn't spoil the ending, mostly because I'm too dumb to get past Cuil 6.

  • stvr
    stvr said 9 months ago

    Hey, I said I'd get you an improved copy of Don't Move; how should I get it to you?

  • Ashley
    Ashley said 10 months ago

    That would be correct! ;D

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