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08:56 Nayef Mazraani: ur cool honno
08:56 Honno: Why
08:56 Nayef Mazraani: i dunno
08:56 Nayef Mazraani: i though first ur a bad dude
08:57 Nayef Mazraani: then i realized ur a badass

RIP Nayef (for real this time)
... lololjks

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  • Nayef_Obama
    Nayef_Obama said 1 week ago

    RIP mangaboy [Died of laughter] (for real this time)

  • Nayef_Obama
    Nayef_Obama said 1 week ago


  • afterworldStudios
    afterworldStudios said 2 weeks ago

    hey honno not that its any of my business but what happened your no longer a moderator or a developer? (just curious) :l

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