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08:56 Nayef Mazraani: ur cool honno
08:56 Honno: Why
08:56 Nayef Mazraani: i dunno
08:56 Nayef Mazraani: i though first ur a bad dude
08:57 Nayef Mazraani: then i realized ur a badass

RIP Nayef (for real this time)

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  • Oppression Quest
    4 days ago

    *subjective even, not like it's Official Business™ that everyone who speaks out against stuff like this a terrible person or anything. Oh wait...

  • Oppression Quest
    4 days ago

    Also the itch.io business is quite funny. Many people saying the game is just a piece of hate, when the purpose is to reveal. Wrong or not, that's an objective view, but it definitely isn't jumping onto the Quinn hate bandwagon without having anything to say so I'm kinda deterred from how itch has dealt with this.

  • Oppression Quest
    4 days ago

    Well it's made by 'Anonymous' so pretty much public domain heh. There's humour in this, but the site I listed is a more well-researched job as well as benefiting from parodying DQ accurately and feeling more refined. Still, I lol'd, it's a good concept, 3/5 :p

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  • ChatFibrosis
    ChatFibrosis said 1 week ago

    Why aren't you a mod anymore?

  • ChatFibrosis
    ChatFibrosis said 1 week ago

    Be a nice guy and unmute me because I wont be so bad and i have changed and i am good at playing the games and i am a nice guy..

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