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08:56 Nayef Mazraani: ur cool honno

08:56 Honno: Why

08:56 Nayef Mazraani: i dunno

08:56 Nayef Mazraani: i though first ur a bad dude

08:57 Nayef Mazraani: then i realized ur a badass

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    Posted On 8/21/2013

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  • Kayaba Akihiko
    Kayaba Akihiko said 8 hours ago

    I made my game Honno proof X)

  • BadHairDay
    BadHairDay said 15 hours ago

    tell your guys to stop tormenting me then

  • BadHairDay
    BadHairDay said 1 day ago

    Hey sorry for the shout but can you please unmute me? u.u

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