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Snakeinalake Studios, inc. ( is my indie game development company. I'm mostly focusing on making games for Android and Blackberry for now, but I plan on moving back to PC gaming soon :D

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  • Giraffe Senpai
    4 days ago

    Lol I love the walking animation and sound effects :P great job!

  • Color Shift
    1 month ago

    I like the originality of the idea, but the gameplay seems too slow for the pace. I think it would be more interesting if there were obstacles, enemies, powerups, etc. As it is, I didn't find the game to be difficult at all, and was just quickly clicking the easy-to-remember colors to get the ball to the sides. Enemies/obstacles that take away points for example could provide a penalty for forgetting which color does what. Also adding a short timer that penalizes the player (maybe by resetting the ball) if he doesn't choose a color quickly enough will make the gameplay more intense, since the player will have to remember which color does what faster and will be more prone to making mistakes. With that said, I think it has potential if you were to keep working on it.

  • Lakeview Cabin
    2 months ago

    haha holy shit that was awesome!

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  • Stringcraftgaming
    Stringcraftgaming said 1 year ago

    Hey!! I made a game called Darkness. I plan to make it on a par with "Ib" and "The Witches House". I need some feedback, and most people will be featured in the credits. Please could you help out?? Thanks. - Stringcraftgaming

  • -Xanphion-
    -Xanphion- said 3 years ago

    Ive been win... congrats... ):

  • -Xanphion-
    -Xanphion- said 3 years ago the only one who commented on your game...i didnt rate it, i played it and said what i thought...if thats not important to you, then your players arnt important to you... thus you dont care what your players think so you wont learn anything from them. if i was to summerize this game in a few more "mature" words...whatever that means... id say that i didnt like the concept and talked with others about it..they agreed that the game was happy.

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