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I'm an indie developer. Been doing it since I was 10, and have made everything from MMORPGs in gamemaker to a custom OpenGL-based 3D/2D game engine for Android. My username back in my gamemaker days (2006~2008-ish) was "grumpymonkey", but I'd also sometimes go as "bogwog", in case anyone was wondering.

My current main project is a pirate-themed puzzle game called Pirate Swipe for mobile (Android, iOS, and BlackBerry). I work on it any chance I get, although I'm currently a full-time I don't have as many chances as I used to.

Anyways, follow me on Twitter @AlexRamallo, or follow my game @PirateSwipe, or just visit my site, or even my game's site (temporarily the same thing)! Alternatively, do neither of those things!

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