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I'm an indie developer. Been doing it since I was 10, and have made everything from MMORPGs in gamemaker to a custom OpenGL-based 3D/2D game engine for Android. My username back in my gamemaker days (2006~2008-ish) was "grumpymonkey", but I'd also sometimes go as "bogwog", in case anyone was wondering.

My current main project is a pirate-themed puzzle game called Pirate Swipe for mobile (Android, iOS, and BlackBerry). I work on it any chance I get, although I'm currently a full-time I don't have as many chances as I used to.

Anyways, follow me on Twitter @AlexRamallo, or follow my game @PirateSwipe, or just visit my site, or even my game's site (temporarily the same thing)! Alternatively, do neither of those things!

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  • Simons Guess
    2 months ago

    I like the idea; I think it could work with some new direction and polish. But man...that music is painful to listen to. I don't know how I managed to finish the game, but I did.

  • Eat The Donut
    2 months ago

    Haha nice :D

  • Insatia
    2 months ago

    Super extremely goddamn frustrating! I love it!! Unfortunately it crashed mid-game for me. I was in the egg mission, and I laid my egg, but then I accidentally clicked out of the window and got killed by those red assholes. When I returned focus to the game window, the camera was on my egg, but then I clicked the mouse and it crashed.

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  • Stringcraftgaming
    Stringcraftgaming said 1 year ago

    Hey!! I made a game called Darkness. I plan to make it on a par with "Ib" and "The Witches House". I need some feedback, and most people will be featured in the credits. Please could you help out?? Thanks. - Stringcraftgaming

  • -Xanphion-
    -Xanphion- said 4 years ago

    Ive been win... congrats... ):

  • -Xanphion-
    -Xanphion- said 4 years ago the only one who commented on your game...i didnt rate it, i played it and said what i thought...if thats not important to you, then your players arnt important to you... thus you dont care what your players think so you wont learn anything from them. if i was to summerize this game in a few more "mature" words...whatever that means... id say that i didnt like the concept and talked with others about it..they agreed that the game was happy.

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