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So I'm a mod. if you have a problem, send me a shout out! Also, behave yourselves!
I am an equal opportunity oppressor...

Location: An unknown universe out of time and space where one's soul wanders for eternity.

I like sheep, although don't call me FatalSheep.
I want to ride a sheep...

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  • Sword Art Online | Chronicles
    2 weeks ago

    Actually, there is such thing as an auto-updater. You have to program it yourself using HTTP functionality to download the patches/updates from the site.

  • Shoot'em Up
    3 months ago

    Why the hell are you on this? O_o Lol the page was up till like last month when I hid it.

  • HeartEater
    4 months ago

    Haha, thanks for playing. The longer you hold the jump button the higher you can jump. Although you can only jump so high. I'm glad you like the style. :D

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  • Andrei Darie
    Andrei Darie said 3 days ago

    Hello ! I wanted to say that sebastiansebi5209 left a comment with the "f" word and other bad words on my game Watching TV Simulator.. He's a friend of mine, he was probably trying to make fun of me.. After that, he said that my game is the Best game ever.. Sorry for my bad English, I'm still learning, and I'm sorry to bother you.

  • NotSantikun
    NotSantikun said 6 days ago

    I got all the mangas! You're awesome :3

  • Dylan
    Dylan said 1 week ago

    So wait, Im fatal? Whoa.....

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