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  • The Wrath of the Gods of Funk in the Psychedelic Realm of Mazes
    1 month ago

    lol Yes, I should probably update the description, as it can be misleading. The weekend jam I refer to happened in 2012. I'm curious though, this "game" has been gaining some followers recently all of a sudden. I wonder what got people here.

  • Blook
    1 month ago

    Took me a few tries but I got all loot :) Neat and simple little game. My biggest issue with it is the tileset, it's hard to tell solid from non solid.

  • Feeling Explosive
    1 month ago

    phew. Stopped playing at the second part with cannons shooting at me. Actually pretty fun! I suggest using any key to restart instead of R

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  • Jack Spinoza
    Jack Spinoza said 2 years ago

    glad you like it, not sure if I do. I have two files for this one, a drum and a melody file. could I get your email so I can send them over? I've been writing a few more, just need to record them.

  • Jack Spinoza
    Jack Spinoza said 2 years ago

    http://soundcloud.com/jack-king-spooner/oh-momma-full too weird?

  • Jack Spinoza
    Jack Spinoza said 2 years ago

    So I was going to do all the parts on different tracks/ audio files, is that cool? I hope I can do funky drums :/

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