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  • Apple and Worm: Patching Holes In Spacetime
    7 months ago

    Thanks! :D Level design I admit is not my strong point. I always lose track of how difficult or easy it is, they tend to be unbalanced. The level with rotating boxes is the only one I consider a puzzle though, the others are either illustrating some feature or are maze-like. The arrows indicate that you can go both of those places. In fact you have to go both ways eventually to solve the puzzle and leave the boxes in the right orientation in order to cross to the exit. But it is really difficult! But I really wanted to get at least one puzzle in this small demo, I just wasn't able to make a simpler one. Collision definitely needs work. Sometimes you get stuck on walls when jumping, or pointy surfaces.

  • Apple and Worm: Patching Holes In Spacetime
    7 months ago

    lol I found a bug in your game. Here's a pink car. Thanks for reporting it; I'm ok with some bugs but the rotating blocks bug is a bit more serious. Restarting level works though, You have to navigate the menu with the keyboard, arrows and space. Thanks for playing, I'm glad you're enjoying it :)

  • Not On My Watch
    1 year ago

    I'm glad you like it :) I only made three levels, to test the game concept. It's generally well received, but I'm not motivated enough to resume development. However, if I ever did one of the things I would do, besides a full campaign, is a level editor.

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  • Jack Spinoza
    Jack Spinoza said 1 year ago

    glad you like it, not sure if I do. I have two files for this one, a drum and a melody file. could I get your email so I can send them over? I've been writing a few more, just need to record them.

  • Jack Spinoza
    Jack Spinoza said 1 year ago

    http://soundcloud.com/jack-king-spooner/oh-momma-full too weird?

  • Jack Spinoza
    Jack Spinoza said 1 year ago

    So I was going to do all the parts on different tracks/ audio files, is that cool? I hope I can do funky drums :/

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