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  • Impossible Maze
    5 years ago

    Played the first couple of levels, then got bored and right-clicked my way through it. As a result, completed it in 10 seconds :D

  • Hardest game ever.
    5 years ago

    Really? I was stuck for hours figuring it out... lol j/k ;)

  • vel.blast()
    5 years ago

    I found a bug! When you die, hit Alt+Tab to switch to a different window. When you come back, you'll be alive again (but you'll die instantly if hit again, and you still have the Session End displayed. I had negative 500% of my health :D

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  • WITS
    WITS said 5 years ago

    GAH! Vech, you're stealing my welcoming too?! I got it copyrighted! >:( JK, but you and Electron both say an almost identical welcome as I do, and I came up with it first...

  • BretHudson
    BretHudson said 5 years ago

    Nice job on GamePolisher radio! Why don't you give everyone a link to it on your blog! I know people would love it, I did! -Bretboy129

  • [A]PP
    [A]PP said 5 years ago

    Welcome to GameJolt! :D We hope to see many awesome games from you!

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