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I made Game Jolt but now I don't know who's got control of it.

Don't use my shoutbox for support requests.

Email instead.


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  • Phone Sexting
    3 days ago

    You should tag some of the content in the maturity rating to help out a bit more with what kind of content is in it (though I'm sure one could imagine).

  • Assassins Creed:The Aftermach
    5 days ago

    What's an aftermach?

  • Just wALK
    5 days ago

    I'm guessing you walk.

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  • Mridha Ishmam
    Mridha Ishmam said 4 days ago

    Hey Cros, can you delete the user: tazqrfjl2318? He's spamming the heck out of GJ Forums!

  • Chrisay
    Chrisay said 5 days ago

    This game contains adware. Please remove it.

  • Nosahasa
    Nosahasa said 5 days ago

    Hey CROS, A lot of people (including me) have been unable to log in/log out recently. Any idea what's causing this?

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