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I like beans because I like to fart.

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  • BadHairDay
    BadHairDay said 3 hours ago

    great job having the most abusive moderators on the internet.

  • TessaDaniel
    TessaDaniel said 2 days ago

    I was told to ask if you could delete my account? I had two accounts for a friend and I and this one I don't need/want anymore. It's also linked to my facebook, so it needs to be deleted (it won't let me unlink my account for some reason?) Give me a shout back, or a email or anything you can if you have the free time (or just delete it). I appreciate it c:

  • Alice
    Alice said 2 days ago

    This guy Jak has been posting links with his RAT embedded in them. And then he started posting porn pics. It's unacceptable.

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