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  • Will You Ever Return?
    2 years ago

    I saw your coment, thanks a lot man I´m starting the part two of the game. The sound of part one is great, the sprites y bizarre images, all is great Is a really good work Good look in this, i think you have a great future in videogames company

  • Beeswing
    2 years ago

    where can i download this game? your games ara great, send me a link please ;D thanks a lot

  • Will You Ever Return?
    2 years ago

    this game is great thanks. Maybe a little short, but great Could you tell me about the soundtrack. Which are the autors ? I´ll keep playing your games ;)

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  • Jack Spinoza
    Jack Spinoza said 2 years ago

    Also, much of the music is co-written with my good friend Chris Litherland.

  • Jack Spinoza
    Jack Spinoza said 2 years ago

    Hey thanks for the comments. The Will You Ever Return? game is short but there is a part 2 (it's going to be in episodes I think). The music is all by me with the exception of the 1960s stuff which is by the Tielman Brothers, a once incredibly famous rock and roll band that are now almost completely forgotten. The music I made for the game references things all over and if you play part 2 there is a list of the references on the "Read Me" page. Beeswing isn't finished yet, should be done in a month.

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