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  • Mario Builder V11-4
    2 years ago

    I'm hoping the next update wil have extra enemies and objects. You can probably make your very own sprites for completely different worlds, like a dream world or an optical illusion 3D world. Anything that you can do.

  • Mario Builder V11-4
    2 years ago

    Wow, it's been a while. Okay remember some of the bosses from Super Mario 64, like King Bomb-Omb, King Whomp, Giant Wriggler, King Boo (even though it was a big Boo), and the others I can't really remember. Could you add them in, it might take some time before you get them how you want to, you might even have to change how you deal damage to them (like throwing King Bomb-Omb in Super Mario 64), but it will be nice to make them the boss for levels that are specially themed for their minions, like Bomb-Ombs.

  • Mario Builder V11-4
    3 years ago

    I wonder if you could add sprites for a space world and space enemies.

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  • Ting_Thing
    Ting_Thing said 3 years ago

    If you want to place a path and not have it connect to others, place an invisible scenery to block the path. It looks like a blue box in editor mode and it's there with all other solid scenery pieces.

  • SLB12
    SLB12 said 4 years ago

    Please dont spam Mario Builder. :P

  • Ting_Thing
    Ting_Thing said 4 years ago

    Game Maker Pro (The 25$ upgrade of Game Maker Lite) allows 3-D games, but Game Maker is not made for that sort of stuff. It does much better with 2D things.

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