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I am a young, aspiring game developer who loves ARPGs like Path of Exile, Diablo, and Torchlight. I use game maker and don't really have any art talent. I enjoy theorycrafting, min-maxing, and the sort.

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  • Run
    1 year ago

    Perhaps I should have made this clearer in the description. While the game does not come up with any new systems or mechanics, the message I was trying to convey is something unique to my emotional situation. Here are some examples of questions a player invested in understanding instead of superficially dismissing would ask: -Should I follow the voice? -Why does the voice contradict itself? -Are the memories written on the pages in order? -Is everything random? -How big is this place? All of these are introspective questions I ask myself as a human being when I feel emotionally disoriented. While the gameplay is inspired by slender, the philosophical interaction the player has with the unclear definition of how the mechanics function is what I tried to express with this "game". I quote this word because it isn't meant to be fun or even scary, it is meant to cause the player to question and be emotionally aware. I hope this helps you better understand the purpose of this upload, so as to not pre-maturely misjudge any other attempts to use computer interaction as a form of emotional expression.

  • Lucid Beta
    1 year ago

    Is that in regards to the art or the concepts? I am trying to find art to replace everything at the moment :)

  • Lucid Beta
    1 year ago

    I understand your perspective from the outside, and would like to share mine, as well as propose my plan based off of your argument: I am 17 years old and worked on this game alone. Making rpgs is my passion, but have no computer graphic talent. I thus resorted to "ripping" Diablo 2 so that I could express my iteration of the genre in a non-ugly way. I am fully aware that it is immoral to use these sprites, but would also like to point out that this game is not preventing any sales of Diablo 2. However, you make a valid point and I will thus change all of the game sprites one bit at a time to prove myself. I will not let legal discrepancies get in the way of my dreams and thank you for your input. Although harsh, there is truth and appreciate the protective attitude you took towards my creation as your concern perhaps saved me from a lawsuit.

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