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Hello guys, let the happiness shine!

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    by Bloutiouf
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    Magnetic Glues

    by Bloutiouf
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    by Bloutiouf
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    by Bloutiouf
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  • Coglitz
    1 year ago

    Well, it was just an experiment and I don't like it :/ but thanks anyway!

  • Magnetic Glues
    2 years ago

    Thanks, actually it's rather GJ who seems not accepting HTTPS URLs very well. Back to HTTP.

  • Lifetime
    3 years ago

    Haha :D my fault sorry! I haven't wanted to describe all the way between his work and his home, and the fact that the doors are the same is voluntary. So she is actually his wife, gaining glasses with age. But it's true, it may be quite confusing. At first I wanted to do some interactions in the house, picking food in the fridge or so, but I discarded it because of lack of time. You're right, I should have drawn something to feel like at home. Thanks for the comment :)

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  • Shelby
    Shelby said 3 years ago

    WAIT WHAT you've been here for 10 months??

  • Shelby
    Shelby said 3 years ago

    Yo, welcome to Game Jolt.

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