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    A 59 second run on 1-1 is pretty hard to do. You need a lot of things to go right. You need to ignore the second save point on Medium (The one at the top of the tower) and make it past the drones on your first try. After that you need to use either one or two cycles of barrel throws to kill DK. Also, it's pretty much required to save and restart after you get to the save before the tower climb because it's faster to go through the spike gauntlet rather than climbing the tower. You can grapple the ceilings to go faster and it also allows you to get the first barrel as you get onto the top platform. In order to get past the drones pretty consistently you can jump out from the red girder, turn around and do a horizontal grapple to get a third jump then use your double to get close enough to the barrel in order to horizontal grapple the barrel. Kayin told me about this method and it's probably the best one to use.

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