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Name: Alon Karmi

From: Israel

Devloper in: GML, Flash.

Enjoys Video Games (TF2 the most) and sleeping. Yeah, that's important, should've said that first.

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  • ReTro-N
    3 years ago

    About the game itself, after the spambots gone. It's an addicting "Boss Minigame" and simple. The mouse aiming's a bit broken and: Lag? What are you talking about?... 4/5

  • ReTro-N
    3 years ago

    Hey, douchbags, no one wants to buy your crap here. This is not the website to advertise your products. It's a gaming website. So stop spamming your crap that no one even wants to buy or even cares about!

  • ReTro-N
    3 years ago

    Me too. Why isn't the manager does anything about it?

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