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  • Lucidity
    5 years ago

    Yeah this is really annoying, i have no idea why it happens. It must be a construct bug but its so hard to track down. I just had this error with someone else's construct game :(

  • Lucidity
    5 years ago

    Oh no! What error do you get?

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  • Zammy
    Zammy said 5 years ago

    Hey man! I loved your game. Here is some feedback. 1. I think the people should "talk" to each other even if there is no feedback from player. Maybe have the particle effect with exploding circle from time to time even when the player is not interacting with them. 2. When "you" are away from people, like shunning them, something should happen. Music change with darkening of the blob maybe, somehow represent loneliness. I am developer myself but I never managed to finish anything decent, I am more of technical guy. I like programming. If you ever need a hand from programming shout. :) evgeni.i.petrov at

  • KniteBlargh
    KniteBlargh said 5 years ago

    Hey Alex Wells, welcome to Game Jolt. :)

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